The short term mission team from Lutheran Church of Hope made it safe and sound to Haiti. This team has many returning friends of Many Hands for Haiti as well as first-time members. We are excited to see how God will use them in the coming days.
Greetings friends!
I am happy to announce that our Lutheran Church of Hope team arrived safely in Port Au Prince this morning and then had an adventurous drive up into the mountains for a 4 hour drive dodging cars, potholes, goats and motorcycles (they are actually the best defensive drivers I have ever seen!!!) While many of the Haitian people have so little,  they also seem to have so much. There is a joy and a beautiful smile behind every person we met today and even those week saw from our car windows.
A few of the highlights from today were visiting the Saturday market this afternoon.  It’s like taking WalMart and spreading it out throughout the center of town. The sights sounds and smells were wonderful and overwhelming all at once.  But one particular highlight was at the end of the day when a number of little kids came out to simply walk with us and wanted to hold our hands (please see the pictures).  We know that the stories for this trip are just beginning to be written.  We will be bringing you more!
We are thankful to those who have been praying for us and want to encourage you to keep praying.  Please pray that God would show up both in our lives and the lives of the Beautiful Haitian people.  Tomorrow we have church in the morning and then an afternoon at the local orphanage.  Pray for sweet connections with the kids!
You will get to hear throughout the week from others on our team! Stay tuned…
In God’s Grace,
Chad Borgestad


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