Jason from the Lutheran Church of Hope team, has visited Haiti several times now. Read as he shares what he has seen on his latest trip as well as his hopes for Haiti’s future. 


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Nick and Baby Jenson

Final Blog:

Well, it is time to leave Haiti. It is Saturday morning so keep us in your prayers for our travel days back home; we will arrive home on Sunday around noon.  

It has been an awesome trip. Everyone learned something. Everyone helped with anything they were asked to help with even if it hurt – and it started hurting after the first day here.  We were lucky enough to visit the Citadel and learn about the Haitian people and the roots behind the culture and work ethic that built this country.  The Haitian people are going to persevere. 

Everywhere we went you could feel and see the Haitian Culture, the good and the bad were visible every single day. We are reminded that this is a beautiful place with beautiful people that are always happy to see us.  They welcome us into their homes to help and love them and pray with them and they always love us back even more than we do for them. 

The Lord is my Light It is He who delivers me

I was reminded today that all is not lost in Haiti. Albeit slow, hope is still alive in Haiti. The Hospital looked like a hospital, in every way it is 1000 times better than it was before.  Today it was a place that was healthy and thriving, and people were being helped and healed in a clean environment whether they had money or not.  I am encouraged by the sense of pride they are taking in a place that needed adjustments and re-building it and making it good.

The people in the community of the campus and far beyond are the 2nd family of Christi and Craig. It is evident that they are making amazing things happen and the impact is phenomenal. They have created an environment that helps the community in an impactful and insightful way.  It also goes far beyond the community they have started in and is starting to impact people everywhere.  I love what they do and commend them for doing this.  I wish we could only mimic this at home and in our own lives, it would make such a difference in our own communities.

It is encouraging to be here with a team of people full of love and devotion to helping others without asking for anything in return and without complaint (Other than our butts are sore, but that is just me complaining).  

I have learned a lot of new things on this trip that I will take back home and ponder the best way to help in the future when I return. But all in all I am extremely encouraged at the progress that is made each time I come to this country.  I have realized that slow is the pace here but things will change in time.  My prayers are that the people of Haiti continue to work together for a better future, and some day we can place our concerns elsewhere and Haiti will no longer need help. This is my prayer for a people that I care for.  I love the people and the happy faces and the giggles from the kids we get to see and interact with. I will miss them for now; I know we all will.  

I truly love to come here and I hope if you are reading this that some day you can come too and see love and devotion to Christianity in a new light like we all have on this trip.  It was a wonderful experience.

Goodbye Haiti for now, we will soon return to see the people and the faces and the changes for the good.

By Jason Reels