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by | Dec 3, 2023

With the issues faced in developing countries, a community can only rise as high as its best servant-leaders. Through Leadership Development, we believe we need to equip and strengthen leaders who can transform their communities and bring hope. That’s why our programs encourage and challenge individuals to be servant-hearted, focusing on the needs of their community. We aim to create a solid foundation for change by investing in local women and men who lead in love.

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Instability is an ongoing issue in Haiti. A lack of solid leadership has continued to divide the country locally and nationally. Since the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in 2021, the nation has been plunged further into a state of crisis. With a history of perpetual foreign intervention, political instability, and a lack of clear leadership, it has become hard for Haitians to find hope.

Since 2015, we have trained over 220 leaders through various leadership programs. These individuals have become catalysts for change, bringing hope and transformation to their communities.

We recently started a focused leadership training program called Leads Like Jesus, based on the renowned international organization. Haiti was our launch pad for using the principles found in their training.. We carefully adapted and translated their cirriculum into Haitian Creole, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness in the local context. The training focuses on developing leaders who view their influence as an opportunity to love and serve those around them, helping them move closer to their full potential. By nurturing a foundation built on a leader’s heart, head, hands, and habits, we seek to empower individuals to become agents of change within their communities.

Since starting this training, we’ve had 26 graduates, each developing leadership plans to impact their local community. One graduate shared their vision for how they hope their leadership can bring change:

“My mission is to teach others so they can become a great leader, even greater than myself. To teach the kids so they can surpass me.”

By investing in the development of local leaders, we recognize the enduring impact that empowered individuals can have on their societies.


Around 70% of families are broken homes in The Bahamas, with women leading 90% of those homes. Challenges between Haitian Bahamians and Haitian migrants often cause tension in the community. Servant leadership is needed to bring the entire community together now more than ever.

The Leads Like Jesus curriculum was adapted to the Bahamian culture and context based on the foundation established in Haiti. Fifteen leaders are enrolled in the first level of training, which started earlier this year. 

In addition to this core program, we will connect with global leadership experts to conduct conferences, teachings, and knowledge-sharing sessions with leaders of leaders in communities. These sessions specifically address servant leadership topics and aim to overcome barriers to true community development.

A thriving legacy for countries in the Caribbean starts with developing leaders. Your year-end gift of helping develop leaders will build upon the strong foundation and propel our ministry to continue in 2024.

Would you support our leadership initiative by helping us raise $12,000 to sponsor the next 100 future leaders in our Lead Like Jesus program?

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