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by | Nov 6, 2023

Every year, malnutrition claims the lives of 3 million children under age five worldwide, costing the global economy billions of dollars in lost productivity and health care costs. Yet, those losses are almost entirely preventable. How well or poorly mothers and children are nourished and cared for during this critical 1,000-day window from a woman’s pregnancy to her child’s second birthday profoundly impacts a child’s ability to grow, learn, and thrive. This is where lifelong foundations are established for a better tomorrow. 

Our Love in Action model in Abaco and Haiti focuses on sustainable development to strengthen impoverished families, giving them ownership over their futures. This innovative approach gives families the resources and opportunities to rebuild their lives, restore their families, and renew hope in the community.

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Our First 1,000 Days program is the cornerstone of this Love in Action model in Haiti. This program focuses on the first 1,000 days of a child’s life, which is the most critical time for providing the most robust possible foundation for a child’s future. Early intervention will substantially and positively impact physical growth, mental development, social development, health, and the child’s overall well-being. We believe good nutrition is essential in addressing a child’s and parent’s needs.

As families progress through our programs, we continue to lay the foundations for children ages 3-5 through cognitive, social, and spiritual development. We also walk alongside caregivers who receive many skills through learning and development. We open opportunities for families to enroll in preschool, participate in agricultural programs such as the Husbandry Economic Project, and establish an education fund. Power to the Parents creates opportunities for families to grow.

We are called to support and lift parents in Haiti, restoring their ability to provide for their children. With this support, walking with them in Christ’s love, we empower parents to provide for their families.


As we build a foundation in legacy, we aim to establish the First 1,000 Days program in early 2024. Our organization has watched this program transform lives in Haiti, as access to nutritional meals profoundly impacts a child’s ability to grow, learn, and thrive. These families in Abaco will also have access to our hurricane shelter if a storm were to arrive on the island.

We need supporters to join us as we continue this program in Haiti and launch it in Abaco. Your donations empower us to walk with families and provide the opportunity to build a legacy for generations.

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Make a donation through give joy to our Love in Action programs  


Make a donation through give joy to our love in action programs.