by Jana Magnussen, MH4H trip participant

Today was a day full of joy as we worked outside on various projects and spent quality time with the children.  I thought I’d share a few highlights of our day:

  • Watching the guys pour a cement floor in the home of one of the Thrive for Five children and seeing the excitement on the faces of the family (probably about 12 of them) was priceless.  I can only imagine how thankful they will be to have a cement floor the next time it rains.
  • Seeing the smiling faces of the mothers and children as we acted out Palm Sunday during the Thrive for Five program.  This included having a live donkey walk through the group as the children waved palm branches.  Singing songs with the children and feeding them a healthy meal topped off the morning.
  • Opening up the compound for school-aged children to attend Vacation Bible School this afternoon and starting with about 20 children and feeling like we had everything under control to ending with about 175 and total chaos… but the smiles on the faces of the children as they sang songs and did their crafts made everything worthwhile.
  • Watching Steve play Jesus and washing the feet of the disciples (us) for the Bible story we shared with them.  We then washed the feet of Heather, Cassidy, and Woody, three helpers with MH4H, and then the feet of the children.  They were in awe when we asked them to come forward and then washed their feet.  We are hopeful that through this experience, they understand how God wants us to have a servant heart and the reason we are here.

  • Watching Darla with a crowd of children around her wanting their fingernails painted (the bracelets were also a big hit), and looking around the yard to see kids laughing while playing soccer, flying kites, using sidewalk chalk and jumping rope.  It was wonderful to see the children taking a much-deserved break from the hard life they have.
  • Walking to Pella Christian School and seeing the fruits of the labor of the groups before us.
  • Watching Pete play baseball with the children in the area, and Kevin play soccer with the boys near the Pella Christian School.
  • And so many more… Our days are very full but so rewarding.

Every evening, we pray and share our experiences of the day.  I always treasure hearing about the many reasons we have to celebrate our work here in Haiti and the gifts you sent with us.  Tonight, Lee shared the excitement on the face of the agronomist when he gave him several seed packets.  This will be very helpful to them as they grow their large garden.   They also appreciate the irrigation system the men have built for them and the electrical work that Dave is doing at the compound.

We ask that you continue to pray both for us as we continue our work here in Savanette and for our families at home.  Tonight we ask that you specifically pray for Marge as she works at the hospital tomorrow, the children of the Thrive for Five program, and the family receiving a new cement floor tomorrow.  May God’s love shine through all of our words and actions.

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