Bonswa from Haiti! As I type this blog, the rain is making a lot of noise on the tin roof of the dorm we are staying in. Don’t get me wrong…..this is a great dorm that sleeps 15, has a complete kitchen, 3 toilets, 4 showers, it’s wonderful……but…….it is still Haiti. A tin roof means leaks….so….we just move our beds strategically between the drips. Day one was great as we saw a lot of friends. Our drive up to Pignon from Port was the usual 4 hours, hot, and bumpy (we wouldn’t want it any other way!). We passed out some Bundled Bottoms that the ladies from Leighton Ebenezer made.

A new Bundled Bottoms diaper from the ladies at Ebenezor in Leighton, IA.

Craig and Christi (aka C&C), are wonderful hosts. We went to the bank with them at 9am to exchange U.S. dollars for gourdes. They didn’t have change…..come back at 1pm…….we did……still didn’t have change…….come back tomorrow…..Haiti….. you gotta love it! We had an awesome meeting with our team leaders this afternoon. If you don’t know these guys……you really need to meet them! Appolon, Claudin, Ebens, Burns, and Woody are the best! (see picture, without Woody) They spoke their hearts as to what MH4H means to them.

The team is back together in Haiti! God is good.

As the 4pm rain clouds continued to build over the mountains……we jumped on our motorcycle (with C&C on theirs) and rode through the sprinkles all the way to our dorm. And guess what??? Widza was waiting on our doorstep just out of the rain (Tim and Lucia have been supporting Widza and her family for some time). We played and colored for an hour and because it is still raining……she is still sitting on our porch. If this rain keeps up, she might spend the night! It has been raining pretty hard 5 hours now…..streets are full…..rivers are swollen…..there is no relief in sight. I can only think of the thousands of Haitians that will not sleep tonight. Why? When you build your hut in the mountains, on the dirt, and it rains, the water flows right through your hut…….your entire floor becomes a mud slide. Your roof, made from banana leaves or thatch, drips every 3 inches. You end up standing in the corner, with all your belongings in your arms (so they won’t flood away) just like you have done so many other nights in the past. Haitians are tough…..because life is. Haitians are hard……because life is. Haitians cling to God….. because many days there is nothing left to grab. God, break our hearts with what breaks yours. Lord God, help us realize that we are at our strongest, when we are on our knees, with our arms wide open.

Supper is ready…..time to go……next blog in 1 day…..bon nwit from Haiti.

Tim Van Maanen