It isn’t about any one of us doing big things with a little help from God. Rather, it is about us being diligent in the little things, with a BIG help from God. This is easy to forget and many times, we continually fall back into the trap of selfish thinking. Today, we wanted to share with you personal blogs from Cassidy Mejia and Heather Brown, two of our Development Coordinators in Pignon. Both of them have chosen to carry Christ’s cross and go where ever He leads them. And they are being remade in Christ’s image as they continue to serve among their brothers and sisters in Christ in Haiti. This isn’t to say there aren’t bumps or aren’t struggles, because there are. And this isn’t to say there won’t be bumps and possibly major struggles down the road, because there will be. But they are learning to abide in Him, to be in the Spirit and it’s timing, and to demonstrate God’s love in the little things. Enjoy reading the blogs.

Click Here or click the picture below to read Cassidy Mejia’s Blog – Surpassing Greatness

Click Here or click the picture below to read Heather Brown’s Blog Entry – Attitudes, Cuts, and Welts, Oh My!

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