Liz Clarke Aldonza

Director of First 1,000 Days

Her Role

While in college, Liz majored in German languages studies but then spend the next seven years in restaurant management. She helped open and manage the Mango Tree in Pella and Oskaloosa, a MH4H owned yogurt shop, before receiving the call to move to Haiti.

In 2016 she started serving the people of Haiti through our Do Something Concrete, managing the program as coordinator. Then in 2017, Liz became our Education Coordinator, where she managed our education programs. Now, as Director of our First 1,000 Days programs, she works directly in the communities we serve, coordinating staff and programs in multiple zones. Her tasks include managing and assisting staff. and visiting and identifying potential families for our programs.

Liz says, “In whatever I do, I want to pursue the heart of God. I believe my responsibilities with MH4H have truly allowed me to function out of my true self, using my talents and abilities in a way I never knew possible!  


Liz could not walk in obedience to God’s call on her life without you. Your financial gift is an investment into God’s Kingdom. You are enabling her to continue the daily work God has called her to do in Haiti.

Simply click the button below and fill out your information. Please know that she is grateful for every gift, however big or small.

Mailing address:

Liz Clarke Aldonza
3170 Airmans Dr. MH4H # 1045
Ft. Pierce, FL 34946

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