Love in Action is our initiative to help rebuild, restore, and renew Haitian communities. We are called to intentionally walk with families, leading them in transformation; the old is gone and the new has come. They are creating a new story for themselves, their families, and community. Our goal is to strengthen families in Haiti, building a solid foundation for them and their communities. We want to prepare them for a time when we will end our services and investment in the family and they, in turn, will need to invest in one another.



As we walk with these families as love in action, we build them and their communities from the ground up, providing a foundation for lives to be transformed forever.


We believe being Love in Action means intentionally walking with families, through focused programs, that give families the support they need for the best possible chance to thrive. These programs help us do that over a 5 year period:

“Mil Jou” in creole means 1000 Days. The Mil Jou program focuses on the First 1000 Days of a child’s life (birth through age 2) and provides critical early intervention and education for health, spiritual development, protection, brain development and nutrition to provide the best possible start in life for these precious little ones. 

You can partner with us through our Love in Action initiative, enabling you to support the Mil Jou program and hundreds of new families as it expands to many new centers in the central plateau of Haiti over the next few years.


To create a lasting, holistic family transformation, children and their caregivers need be intentionally poured into. Our Power to the Parents program will provide focused early childhood education for children, and skill based learning for parents, giving them tools to transform their lives.

We will help develop children ages 3-5 through cognitive, social, and spiritual development providing:

  • A learning environment equipped with developmental tools and trained teachers
  • Breakfast and lunch provided at the school
  • Health basics taught to the children (eg teeth brushing, potty training etc)
  • Extra-curricular activities integrated into learning, such as structured play, unstructured play on playground, gardening, and art
  • Scheduled home visits by the teacher, and parent teacher conferences
  • Parent volunteer in the classroom expectation
  • Bible curriculum developed specifically for this age group
  • Monthly health checks for the children

We will walk alongside caregivers, who will receive:

  • Establishment of Educational Savings Plan for child
  • Skills based training in livestock (goats and rabbits) and gardening (growing more and better food on their own)
  • Training and understanding concepts of an Educational Savings Plan
  • Image-bearer training – understanding my story, my values, and my calling
  • Biblical foundations training – Understanding the heart of God
  • Mentor and mentee relationships established for necessary growth beyond the program
  • Opportunity for Community Savings Groups, if the individual desires

Your annual or monthly donation will support children and families in all of our Love in Action Programs in the central plateau of Haiti. Your choice to become Love in Action for these little ones and their families is a blessing. You are changing their lives, giving them hope for a better future. Donate now and become Love in Action for these families.