For only $35 a Month you

can change the lives of these children and families

As a LOVE IN ACTION PARTNER, you impact their lives by helping us support them through these programs:

Focuses on the First 1000 Days of a child’s life providing critical early intervention

Early childhood education for children, and skill-based learning for parents.

Your annual or monthly donation will support children and families in all of our Love in Action Programs in the Central Plateau of Haiti. Your choice to become Love in Action for these little ones and their families is a blessing. You are changing their lives, giving them hope for a better future. Donate now and become Love in Action for these families.

$35 a Month Can Transform Families Forever

Haven CRC – Flame

Now, at the end of the week, it’s become obvious that none of us will leave Haiti the same person we were when we entered it.

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Pastor Kevin is also one of wisest people I know. He prays fervently, reads ferociously, and serves tirelessly. His words carry weight, planting seeds of truth to those who listen.

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Haven CRC – Surpassing the Boundaries of Language

“One year ago, the father of the home was murdered and the family was left inhabiting a house made of sticks and bedsheets… As the few of us brought the gifts into the home we couldn’t help but notice the barrenness of the space.

“However, amid the emptiness, all four children’s laughter bounced off the blank concrete walls…today we encountered an encouragement for us to keep looking, because if we hadn’t, we would’ve never seen the joy that is uncovered when the brokenness is pushed aside.”

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