This is an update from Dave Gritters, leader of the Calvary Christian Reformed Youth Team in route to Haiti. They were delayed by the storm that rolled around Haiti last night. Here is an update from Dave.

Good morning from Fort Pierce, Florida.  I will tell you about our days so far.  When we got to Des Moines yesterday, they informed us right away that our flight out of Des Moines was an hour late because of the pilot rest rule.  That gave us 9 minutes between arrival and departure at Detroit.  They told us they may be able to make up a few minutes in the air but had already booked us on a later flight which would have been a 5 hour layover in Detroit, a 9 pm arrival at Orlando then an 11 pm arrival at Ft Pierce.  The plane made up about 30 minutes in the air and we made our gate right when our zone was boarding!  I am thankful for a motel with laundry as one of my large containers of germex blew its cap off and even the ziploc didn’t contain it.  Little mess to clean up, sorry Harold, consider your duffle bag disinfected.

I made contact with MFI last night and offered our group to provide labor in their hanger today, sorting, cleaning, whatever they need so it looks like we might do that this afternoon.  MFI has a vehicle they are going to let me use to take kids to the beach or wherever later on today.  At 1 PM today, MFI is going to process all our luggage etc… for an early morning departure to Haiti.  As many of you know, this was the best case scenario after the tropical storm changed plans.  We are so grateful and the kids all let out a cheer when I told them that.

The man at the motel is offering to let me use his car to go to Wal Mart pretty quick to get hot dogs etc… as they have a grill here by the pool, which the kids are all at right now.

There are hundreds of frogs or some sort of insect in the marsh outside our window that carried on for a good part of the night, a warm up for roosters and dogs I suppose!

We have been able to see God’s provision through several different people so far.  We are ready for Haiti now

Keep praying us through