We are excited to announce the re-opening of the Pella Mango Tree, as we are finalizing the sale with a new ministry! We’ve been praying that God would lead the right people to purchase the Mango Tree and continue to deliver frozen yogurt for good… and He did! We can’t tell you the ministry yet, but we are excited about what God has done and who He prepared to take over. Truly a God thing!

Here are the important dates:

May 1 – 13 – Many Hands for Haiti will re-open the store to the public, allowing us to serve customers one-last time and handing off a running store to the new ownership. Liz Clarke will be flying back from Haiti to work the week of May 1-6 to run the store, so come see Liz back in the Mango Tree one last time. All sales during this time will go to Many Hands for Haiti. 

May 15 – The new ministry will take ownership of the Mango Tree and will be operating it moving forward. 

So get prepared, Pella area, as the Mango Tree will be coming back to serve frozen yogurt for good!

*This will be the Pella area store only. Oskaloosa and Grimes will not be re-opening or transitioning to the new ownership.