On Tuesday the boys went to the Iowa House and assembled all of the desks. They wrote verses in Creole on the bottom of the desks as well. The girls spent literally the whole day painting some rooms for the hospital and were able to get all of it done. Pete had an exciting day, because he got to personally help deliver one of his PETS to a small girl with deformities in her legs and one arm. She figured out how to use it very quickly and was extremely happy to have it, and Pete was grateful to have been a part of that. Jay spent the morning helping at the hospital in town. He got to take all the patients vital signs and helped in some other areas. After seeing their facilities up close he was so thankful for the cleanliness of our hospitals in the states. We got to sing and pray over the patients in the hospital again last night which is always a great experience. We got to enjoy an exciting night of cockroach hunting. The boys were digging through the kitchen cupboards and smashing all the bugs with their shoes. We had to wake up at 4:30 this morning so we could start climbing Mount Pignon at 5:00. It was a long hike and the path was covered with loose rocks and overgrown plants. We were relieved when we finally reached the top, but it was a beautiful view. We all signed Frisbee Golf discs before Jordan and Josh threw them off of the top of the mountain. Once we made it back down the boys started loading up some of the desks and started bringing them out to the school. About 600 yards from the school, there was a truck stuck in the mud blocking their way, so they were forced to carry the desks the rest of the way. We’ll spend the rest of today bringing the remaining amount of desks to the school and finishing up some painting out there. The trip has been filled with a lot of laughs and other great experiences. We’ll be sad to leave, but please pray for safety as we travel home tomorrow.

-Pella Christian Team in Pignon