by Lindsey Klyn, Marketing Manager for MH4H 

The equation may seem odd, but this December, Many Hands Market decided to give $1,500 to local families with a little help from some area churches. The market gave 15 churches four gift certificates to Many Hands Market worth $25 each. The churches were then instructed to give the certificates to individual families facing financial challenges this Christmastime. Many Hands Market hoped these gifts would lessen the stress for local families during the holiday season.

The idea of giving gift certificates to area churches came from an example demonstrated by a pastor from a local church. He came to the Market to pay in advance on behalf of a family in need.  Afterwards, Many Hands Market realized they could partner with more area churches which could help make connections on a broader scope to families in need.

A list of 16 area churches came together in no time with connections through volunteers, donators, and customers.  One pastor stopped in at Many Hands Market and expressed what a blessing it was to hand out the gift certificates to families in need in his congregation. Another young mom came in to redeem her gift certificate. She had picked out a winter coat, and upon checking out she exclaimed, “I haven’t had a warm coat in years.  And look at all the pockets!”

Many Hands Market Store Co-Manager Karmen Brown stated, “This is another way to show God’s love in a broken world.” Christi Gabart, also a Co-Manager at the Market, added, “We have yet to see any drawback to the whole operation and impact of Many Hands Market.”

Many Hands Market makes a donation every month to a local ministry. They enacted on this plan for the first time in October, after opening on August 2, 2013.The Market recently assembled an advisory team that meets to brainstorm and discuss future giving opportunities. People can help continue making stories like this happen by donating items, shopping, or volunteering at Many Hands Market.

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