Through the tough challenges currently facing Haiti, Many Hands has been busy educating and empowering communities. Read this short compilation of stories to learn how summer school, health classes, and Bible study have made an impact.

First 1,000 Days Health Class
Recently, Many Hands invited a local doctor to give a presentation to the caregivers participating in the First 1,000 Days program. Dr. Esther spoke to the group about preventive measures for illnesses like Typhoid or H-pylori.
Dr. Esther teaches about proper health practices
After having a few nurses visit the group regularly to teach basic health practices, having Dr. Esther speak was a way to cement the information, providing a different voice for caregivers. This proved to be very effective.
Caregivers listen to teachings
One of the women that heard Dr. Esther’s presentation said directly, “We have heard this, but with a different voice we hear it again. This information will help us keep our families healthy.”
Soccer and Bible Study
Jean Rubert Philisma, PET evangelist and theology school student, is taking the initiative to impact the lives of young people from the Sylvain area. As a soccer fan, Jean Rubert has been working with some area teams, encouraging evangelism efforts among the soccer players.
Jean Rupert holds a Bible study group
“Soccer is a great tool…it uses something that the young people are interested in to get them in a place to hear the precious word of God,” Jean Rubert says. He also began holding his own Bible study groups on Sunday afternoons after receiving a gift of 24 French Bibles from a fellow pastor. Those Bibles, along with some notebooks, pens, and a refreshment each Sunday afternoon, are all it takes! These youth are hungry to learn. Praise be to God.
Summer School Begins

On July 14th, first to fourth-grade students at Many Hands Fundamental School started “Lekol Lete,” or summer school classes! Amidst political and social turmoil in Haiti, summer school offers a source of relief and an extra special opportunity to learn!

Students measure and cut paper to create envelopes

Last summer, Principal Micul hired a local artisan/teacher named Dieudonne who taught students basic artistic skills and how to tap into their creative side. This summer, Dieudonne was encouraged to teach the students some skills that could benefit them in the future and to create things they could potentially sell in the US. 

Local artisan Dieudonne and students pose with bracelets

The students were taught to make paper envelopes and weave bracelets. The kids loved to work with their hands and have looked forward to this class since last year.

Pre-School Graduation
For the fifth year, the School of Light held its preschool graduation on the Many Hands campus. Eleven boys and eleven girls graduated from kindergarten to first grade the next school year. We honored their accomplishments by holding a ceremony and all-school assembly.

Pre-school graduates smile during the ceremony at the School of Light

Their teachers, Juna Jean, and Patricia Souverain, prepared the students for the big day by teaching them verses, skits, and songs to memorize, as well as a dance to perform. Since the school year was delayed in the fall, the date for this year’s event was unusually late, happening on the last day of school, July 14. The graduation ceremony also included performances by the rest of the classes in PS1 to fourth grade, including a skit, poem, and song or performed in a dialogue of French or English. It was a well-done assembly that the students and teachers worked hard to make perfect for the parents in attendance.


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