The Market Rewards team from Spencer, Iowa are finishing up their last full day in Haiti. Laughter, sweat, and tears have colored the week. They have worked hard to serve the community, the Many Hands staff, and the children of the School of Light Preschool. Keep reading to see which extra special activities warmed their hearts today. 

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Our last full day in Haiti was a busy one! With help from Woodson and Richelin, our trusted translators, we finished painting the trim on the new admin building, and painted the cubicles in the office. We painted one of the rooms in the school, and gave all the chairs, desks and picnic tables a fresh coat of paint.

Sharon, Shelly and Allie got to visit the children they sponsor. Shelly and Allie sponsor a 3 year old girl, named Erna Sankora. Erna is just ending the First 1000 Days program, and will be going to the School of Light preschool this fall. This was the first time they got to see her home and meet her grandma. She lives with her mom, grandma, great aunt, aunts and uncles, and cousins. Shelly said they encouraged her mother to keep bringing her to school.

Sharon’s little guy is named Cristiano, and is 4 years old. He attends the School of Light preschool, and Sharon says it’s so worthwhile to sponsor him, to make sure he’s getting the education he might not otherwise. His mom was so proud to show Sharon her new home, which is a testament to the program which teaches self sufficiency and responsibility.

After lunch, Maren, Abbie, Caitlyn and Allie went with Claudin, the staff agronomist, to plant mango, papaya, coconut, orange and cashew trees as part of the Power to the Parents program. These parents have children in the preschool program, and the fruit trees will bear fruit to feed their families, or can be sold to support them! They will also provide some much needed shade from the Haitian sun!

This past week has been full of adventure, laughter, sweat, a few tears and a lot of love! We thank Craig and Christi for being such gracious hosts, and for the opportunity to work with Many Hands 4 Haiti. We thank God for traveling mercies and safety, and we thank Him for giving us the desire and opportunity to return to Haiti, to be His hands and feet in this beautiful country. We hope He will continue to bless this ministry, and the people of Haiti. After a pretty impressive rain storm again this afternoon, He sent us another reminder that He will never forsake us! Thank you, Jesus!

Bondye Bon! God is good! Indeed.


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