Protection is one of five keys for healthy development in our First 1,000 Days. It is essential that families live in safe and healthy environments. Through safe home assessments, we evaluate whether families need a new home or concrete floor to increase protection. A cement floor dramatically reduces sickness in children. It decreases infant deaths from preventable diseases and improves school attendance in older children. Parents are then saving money on any related medical expenses. In March of 2022, we hit the milestone of installing 1,000 concrete floors, now providing these benefits to thousands.

“Miseline realized she was in labor”

In October, we installed a concrete floor for a family in Kandelan. This mother, Miseline, is expecting her fourth child. Many Hands has been walking with her through the First 1,000 Days Program, assisting her with a doctor’s visit in early October.

Many Hands’ safe homes coordinator, Rene, gathered a crew and arrived at the home on a sunny Thursday morning. After all of the family’s belongings had been cleared out of the house and concrete was being poured, Miseline realized she was in labor.

“Both mom and dad were grateful to bring
the newborn home to a safer place to live”

Miseline, her husband, and the midwife started on their way to the hospital. They didn’t make it to the hospital, and the baby was born along the way. Thankfully, through the gift of a concrete floor, Miseline, and her new baby returned to a much safer home. Both mom and dad are grateful, knowing their child now has a stronger start. Please help mothers like Miseline and provide protection for their kids through the gift of a concrete floor.