Mission, vision, and values

Our Mission

Transforming together, to be love in action, in a broken world.

Our Vision

Many Hands envisions a world where people transform together, through the presence of Jesus Christ, to be called people, living with purpose, unleashing God-given talents and resources to bring Good News in a broken world.

Our Values

We are image-bearers of God.
We believe that all have a God-given identity and all have a purpose in God’s plan. All are called to serve their purpose, not have the purpose serve them. In relationship, we will help people understand their true calling and stand by them as they unleash their God-given talents to bring the Good News within their circles of influence.

We are the sent people of God.
Just as God sent his son Jesus and Jesus sent the Holy Spirit, we are to be the sent people of God, bringing the Good News to people wherever we are called. Jesus is waiting for us when we get outside of ourselves in faith and will meet us to help us fulfill our purpose.

We believe in saved wholes, not just saved souls.
Jesus didn’t come to be an insurance policy after one dies. He came to bring life and life to the full. We are called to fulfill Jesus’s mission in Luke 4:18-19 to proclaim the Good News, to physically restore that which is broken, and to release people from oppression spiritually, relationally, and economically from that which binds.

We are better together.
As it states in Romans 12:3, we are all broken and in need of a savior, we are just broken in different ways. As we enter into each other’s poverty with our riches, we are all transformed. Through this process, our image of God gets bigger, as it should, as God has a global heart for His people.

We go an inch wide, mile deep.
We believe in focused impact, not random activity. Breaking the chains of generational poverty, both physical and spiritual, is incredibly complicated. To work in this environment, we break it down into focused building blocks that stack on each other, moving towards a common goal. One person, one family, one community, one region, one country, one world.

We work in integrity to create sustainability.
We seek systematic God-sustaining change to fulfill Jesus Christ’s kingdom purposes. We strive to honor God in a fiscally responsible way, making every effort to create transparency in our organization’s doings. We acknowledge and live in the tension of short-term giving while seeking long-term God-sustaining change. God is one of abundance and we will honor His generosity in the resources given to us.