The Memorial Lutheran Church team has had their hearts captured by small brown eyes and big bright smiles. From telling Bible stories to woodworking, they have poured themselves into every activity they faced. Read as Annette, Judy, and Jody share their hopes upon their return home.

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Our last full day in Haiti was filled with various activities.  Our morning started with the delivery of a PET Cart.  It went to a 50 year old man who was unable to walk due to a fever last March.  He and his wife were very pleased with the cart.  It will enable him to go to Church and the market.

After another delicious lunch, we went to Pastor Francois’ orphanage.  The children were adorable.  One of their teachers read the story of Moses to them.  We gave them crayons and pictures of baby Moses in the bullrushes to color.  They worked so hard and were very proud.

We passed out cookies and a drink.  The boys each got a wooden toy car.  The girls received a small baby doll in a crocheted cradle/purse.  They were so excited and appreciative.  We were very impressed with how polite and well behaved the children were.  Their teachers and caretakers obviously take very good care of them.

Our next activity was delivering three goats.  Imagine how we must have looked walking down the rural roads leading goats on ropes.  We drew a crowd everywhere we went.  The families were so happy to receive a goat.  At each home, a child held onto the goat, some leading it around the yard.  The goats will be a blessing to the families.

The final activity for the day was a trip to a rum factory and suspension bridge.  We rode in the truck as far as one factory and then walked to the bridge.  It was long and pretty high above the river.  We walked across and then followed the path to another factory.  We were given a tour and explanation of the facility.  Pretty interesting.  They put the clarin into 50 gallon barrels that are sent to Port au Prince and sold to Bacardi for $250 a barrel.  The whole family participated in the process.  Thank goodness there were no samples ready as we had to walk back across the suspension bridge to meet the truck that would take us back to the dorm.

Debriefing in the evening was bittersweet.  We have had such a great experience and yet we are all excited to head home and see loved ones.  We have received so many blessing from the staff and people in Haiti.  We hope that we have been as much of a blessing to them.   Our group is discussing how Memorial Lutheran can continue supporting this ministry when we are not here and hope to involve other Nevada churches.  It is such important work.  We cannot go home and move on with our lives and forget about them.

Annette, Judy, and Jody

The team rode in the twa-moto, the three-wheeler