From the start, the Mobility Worldwide team identifies the things that make their hearts glad. Like Julie Andrews in the “Sound of Music” Pam Vander Linden lists off a few of her favorite things.

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A few of my favorite things about my Haiti experience so far…

-The amazing arial view of the extremes of the Haitian terrain as we flew in…the mountains, the valleys and the vivid blues and greens of the water.

-The warm, tropical breezes

-The safe oasis of the MH4H campus…the beautiful gardens and a chance to stop and reflect on what is really important.

-The resourcefulness of the Haitian people despite so many obstacles.

-The big brown eyes and bright white smiles of the Haitian children…what a joy they are!

-The opportunity to be part of a MH4H team that works together as our great God, in His infinite wisdom, breaks our hearts for what breaks His.

Someone told me I would leave a piece of my heart in Haiti…they were so right

-Pam Vander Linden