by Tim Vander Molen, trip participant with MH4H 

Today, Sunday, was a slightly slower day compared to the rest of the week. We had breakfast at 8:30 and then headed off to church. The only problem was that church started at 7:00, so we arrived just as the service was concluding. So we greeted the people and jumped in the pickup to head to another church. This church had already started as well. When we entered the building, the people in the front two rows moved to the back so we could have the best seats in the house. The service included lots of singing, child dedication, welcoming first timers, and a sermon all in Creole. I just read my Bible and reflected on the past week.

We arrived back for lunch and spent time sharing about each of our families, getting to know one another better, and realizing how much we miss our families. We had a couple of quiet hours spent resting, playing cards, or reading. Later, we loaded up in the pickup again, which means five in the front and five or six in the back, traveling four miles on a very rough road to Pignon to pray with hospital patients. The hospital is a depressing place. Halls and rooms are lined with beds. The care is primitive, but people are friendly and open to prayer.

Tonight after supper, Zeke gave his testimony, and we continued our study of The Hole in our Gospel. We again had good discussion about things we are wrestling with. Presently, I am typing in the dark as we have lost power for the first time.

This has been a very great experience, giving us a lot to process and think about. I have so much; Haitians have so little. I strive for more, while Haitians struggle for food and shelter. Why are Haitians more content in want than I am in surplus?

Hope all is well back home; see you soon.

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