Dear Family, Friends and Supporters:

Bonswa= Good evening!  I am happy to write you from Trou-Sable,Haiti (the name of our community we serve). Everything is going well here in Haiti and I hope all is well for you wherever you may be.

Have I told you yet that rainy season have started here in Haiti? If not, it has started! It rains each evening here. I love the sound of rain when I am going to sleep at night.  When I wake up to go to work the next morning is the worst part of the rain though. Rain causes MUD and MUD causes cars to get STUCK IN MUD! All in all, rainy seasons has started!

The construction of the school building had stop for a few days because of the rain and lack of materials but this week we have been at work. There is much progress on the school building. On the last post, we only had the foundation and now we have lift up all the block sand all the rooms are shaped out on the bottom floor. The three rooms look awesome. It is amazing to see that this school will become a reality for the kids in September. We still have a long way to go but God will make all the provisions, I have faith. Our goal was to have 6 classrooms; three downstairs and three upstairs. Due to the lack of funding we will only get the 3 bottoms floor done for now and as God provides we will add the other three rooms before September.

What I love the most about the construction of the school building is all the helping hands I see that are not getting paid to work. Before construction had started, I asked many in the church and community to come give a helping hand and many has responded. I am so grateful for this. I want this to be community focus; it should not just be about me or the other leaders, it should be about everyone that is part of the Etoile Ministry here and the community we serve!  With this type of team work and service I feel that God is working through all of us to make this ministry a rock for this community.  I ask that you pray that there is TEAM WORK in this ministry.

I am so glad that you all are part of this TEAM WORK for this ministry as well, either through prayers, financial or physically coming to Haiti to serve. I wish to thank you for allowing me to share my heart with you for the Haitian people.

I look forward to writing you soon again. For the meantime enjoy the photos of the school building below!

Cement gets mixed on the ground and then hauled up, bucket by bucket, to the foundation.

The foundation is done! It needs to be high, as during rainy season and hurricane season, the water needs to pass without getting into the rooms.

Before starting the lay the bricks for the walls, the rooms were laid out with the bricks. Three rooms on the bottom.

The first block for the wall was put into cement.

The walls go up fast once the design is done and rooms are laid out.

Many hands are helping on this project. It is nice to give people in the community a job and have volunteers helping make this school a reality.

The school is taking form. We hope to have the first three rooms done soon.

Peace and grace,

Silentor Esthil-Henderson