On June 9th, Many Hands CEO, Tim Brand, traveled to Haiti with his siblings and mother to dedicate the newly constructed Love-in-Action center in Mè Bel Mè. The center was made possible by funds from the memorial of Tim’s father, Denny Brand, and serves as a tribute to his legacy of love and generosity.

Tim Brand with his family at the dedication

Mè Bel Mè is an impoverished area and has long yearned for upliftment and a glimmer of hope. Motivated by the urgency to finish before the rainy season, the Love-in-Action center was constructed quickly and carefully with the community’s needs in mind. The center features concrete floors, comfortable benches, a kitchen, charcoal storage depot, nurse’s room, and bathroom available for public use.

The Brand family and Many Hands staff pose with community members

Beyond providing resources, the Love-in-Action center brings a much-needed economic boost to Mè Bel Mè. Previously, there were no employment opportunities for locals, however, the construction of this center has helped revive the local economy by creating construction jobs and positions within Many Hands programs.

Mè Bel Mè construction crew pours concrete floors

With the dedication complete, attention now turns to the First 1,000 Days program—an initiative designed to support early childhood development. Interviews for positions within the program have already commenced, and the Many Hands team is actively engaged in facilitating the application and interview process. The community’s response has been overwhelming, with an abundance of applicants eager to lend their support to Many Hands’ mission.

Ricado Mervil, secretary for our first 1,000 days program, conducts an interview

Now, the community in Mè Bel Mè eagerly awaits the opening of the new Love-in-Action Center with the programs set to begin in the fall. Kethlin Vilbon, the Program Manager for our First 1,000 Days program, is among the many Haitians filled with enthusiasm as they await the program’s commencement. He emphasized that the community has constantly prayed for the arrival of individuals who embody the spirit of Jesus, providing hope, guidance, and a deeper understanding of life’s meaning.

Hiring new staff at the Love-in-Action center

With every interview conducted, every prayer uttered, and every nail driven, the new Love-in-Action Center in Mè Bel Mè serves as a glimmer of hope — a testament to the enduring legacy of love and generosity embodied by Denny Brand. We pray that God will use this center to bring about positive change, feeding not just bodies but also hearts and souls in the community.

From the Brand Family:

“It was such a joy and blessing to honor Denny in this way. He loved working with the people in this area and this new center is bringing much-needed hope and new opportunities in the name of Jesus. A huge thank you to all who made this possible!”

– Bev Brand 


“We don’t get to choose our legacy, rather it is those who follow after you that get to decide. If you took an honest assessment, what would your people say about you?”

– Tim Brand



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