Steadfast in Multiplication – Year in Review

by | Dec 10, 2019

Coming into this year, the word God brought forth to our organization was MULTIPLY. Looking back over the past twelve months, God was faithful in seeing this to fruition, even in spite of unrest and hardships in Haiti. Here are some of the things God multiplied through us this year:

LAUNCHED a new First 1,000 Days Program

In January 2019, we successfully launched the new program in Maliarette, reaching an entirely new set of communities. We now have 177 families participating in this program in Sylvain and Maliarette, feeding 98,880 plates this year.

OPENED the Sylvain Christian School of Light

In September 2019, we opened the Sylvain Christian School of Light Fundamental School. We now have 78 children in total in our School of Light system, adding a new class for the next eight years.

DISTRIBUTED 145 pregnant goats to families

Through the Husbandry Economic Program, we have distributed 145 pregnant goats, given birth to an estimated 115 additional goats, and performed over 1,000 goat health checks for families, creating a viable income for parents to pay for school.

GRADUATED 125  community leaders

This is a two-year program, representing 20 communities, with 125 adults completing our Servant-Hearted Leadership Program.

Walked with 87 PEOPLE, who gave their lives to Christ, bringing the total to 424 SINCE 2016.

Built or repaired 20 HOMES and installed 30 CEMENT FLOORS to create safer living conditions for 260 individuals.

Provided over 570,240 MEALS at partner schools in the greater-Pignon area.

Gave 97 physically handicapped individuals their mobility back by providing them a Personal Energy Transportation (PET) cart.

Fought and arranged for 5 people to have intensive life and death MEDICAL TREATMENTS, all which have provided positive outcomes to date.

Impacted 198 TRIP PARTICIPANTS from the U.S., helping people understand their story in God’s grand story.

As we enter into 2020, the unknowns in Haiti are great. The country has been in turmoil for some time, causing incredible devastation to many throughout the nation. Given this backdrop, the word I am sensing for 2020 is STEADFAST, meaning resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering. God has been steadfast to us and we remain steadfast for the families we serve in order to see how God transforms their lives. I ask you to prayerfully consider financially supporting our work in 2020. Children need to be sponsored, families need to be strengthened, and the life-giving Truth needs to be shared in hard-to-reach places. We are seeing lives being changed, and it is amazing. Thank you for your steadfast support through the years of ministry. We are transforming together, to be love in action, in our broken world.

First 1,000 Days staff, Maliarette