by Justine, Jonathan, and Susie, MH4H trip participants

Hello all! Here’s a little update for you on our last full day here in Haiti. We started off the morning sorting bags of rice for the families in Thrive for Five. Today was the last day of the program before a month long break. We provided enough rice and beans to feed each family for the month break. We handed out more than one ton of rice! It went really smoothly handing out over 100 bags of food. Families came from all over and had to carry over 30 pounds of food back home. They did this by balancing it on their heads. This was incredible to see especially because some of them were young children balancing the bag on their head while carrying their younger sibling. We have a lot of respect for them because we tried balancing a bag on our heads. We laughed a lot because every single one of us struggled just walking five feet with the bag on our head.

 Day 6a

After lunch we headed into Pignon to the market where a bunch of women were selling souvenirs. That was a very unique experience. We were pulled to each person’s collection as they were trying to get us to buy from them. We have never been called “friend” so often in our lives. With little English, they each tried to bargain with us to get a sale. They did not like to take “no” for an answer, so many of us ended up buying a few things.

After getting done with the market, we headed to an orphanage for just about an hour. There we were able to talk with the Americans, Bill and Jennifer, who set up the orphanage and how they started it and are running it. We were able to meet some of the kids there and hear stories of how they got there.  Some of them suffered from disabilities that many thought were not going to make it, but through the love that Bill and Jennifer showed and by the grace of God, they have overcome the odds.

We ended the night with some praise and worship songs. We were able to thank some of the staff that made our wonderful experience possible. It has been incredible to see what God is doing down here, and we can’t wait to share more with some of you when we make it back to the states.

– – –

This team had a neat experience on Sunday, where the Haitians surrounded and prayed for them. Read more about it here.