The Paint Team has finished strong this week. Their project is completed and looks amazing. Kyle Wipf shares the highlights of his time in Haiti, demonstrating how to work hard and play hard. 

To catch up on the teams week you can read their previous blog here. 

As I packed this morning, ready beyond words to see my wife and kids again, I reflected upon the past seven days.  There was a lot of work, yes, but we also had a lot of fun.

Trying a popular Haitian energy drink

We had opportunities to learn of the history of Haiti and see some pretty spectacular architecture, scenery, and a cache of 18th century firepower at the “Citadel.”  We were able to be absolutely decimated on the soccer field by Haitian children, enjoy breathtaking mountain sunsets, and learn to better appreciate a life of simplicity.

Walking from the Citadel

Playing soccer with the neighbors

New experiences for the team included being accosted by a sea of souvenir and trinket vendors at the Citadel, the Saturday morning street market in Pignon, and navigating a “Moto” through the chaos that is a Haitian roadway. 

A young vendor at the market

Personally, this particular team has afforded the opportunity to catch up with my cousin, Tim Harms, whom I have not seen in well over a decade, get to know his wife and treasure, Tracy, and make what I hope to be a life-long friend in the man of Andre Laird.  Being reunited with the incredible people of MH4H’s on the ground staff was also a personal highlight.  They will forever have my respect for the selfless work they do here.

Tim and Tracy

Finally, I had the indescribable experience of getting to meet Baby Love (yes, that’s her actual name), the precious three year old my family has the privilege of sponsoring, and her family.  Softy that I am for children, her quick warming up to me literally made my week!

Baby-Love waving at the camera

If you have the opportunity of a missions trip with MH4H, don’t pass it up!  It is a blast!


Kyle Wipf


To catch up on the teams week you can read their previous blog here.