Kyle Wipf with the Painting Team, describes the emotional changes taking place on the team, as they witness the joyful hearts of those burdened with poverty. 

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Haiti. I really don’t think any amount of research, anticipation, or even direct accounts from those preceding you can truly prepare you for this country.

Laying cement requires hard work and team work

Nowhere else have I had a simultaneous breaking and filling of the heart as in Haiti. One’s heart overflows from the genuine love and kindness the Haitian people happily lavish upon a perfect stranger, while breaking not only from the poverty this people endures, but also the realization of one’s own skewed, even vulgar perspective on life. It is humbling and embarrassing to think of the trivial, meaningless things I’ve allowed to dampen my joy when I see joy so thoroughly persevere in these conditions.

The Painting crew making advances on the campus

I came to Haiti because I wanted to share the love of Christ with the Haitian people; to positively impact their lives. I pray this team has been successful, but I know for a fact the Haitian people I’ve met have done both of those things for me. Cliché as it may sound, I will not return home the same person I was.

While we seek to serve, we are blessed And we are loved


Catch up on the the Painting Teams 2nd blog post here.