Members of the PC Winterim team continue to engage with Haitian culture by painting a house, collecting Congo beans and playing games with local children.

Monday, January 8

            Today was action packed as always. We started off with breakfast at 7:00 and then we had devotions with the Many Hands staff at 8:00. Even though we did not understand what they were saying, we still were able to worship God together. After the devotions we once again embraced the Haitian culture by walking to our workplace. The workplace for today was the house of a Many Hands for Haiti staff member, Louisa. We had the privilege of improving the look of her house while also entertaining the children of the neighborhood. Painting cement walls was different from what we were used to, but we worked as a team to figure out the quickest ways to get the job done. 

We were so efficient that we had the chance to play with the little boys while the finishing touches were being put on the house. The boys had a blast when we tossed them in the air and gave them piggy back rides back to the compound.

After lunch we had a little bit of down time so we rested up and had fun talks with each other. We explored the compound and threw a Frisbee off the top of a building. After the campus tour, we went to help some of the Many Hands staff harvest Congo beans while some of us helped the teachers with the little kids (they were around 1 year old). Spending time with the kids was a ton of fun, especially when one of them peed all over Trenton. After it was all said and done, we had collected 16 five-gallon-buckets worth of Congo beans. Collecting the beans was rough because the field was full of other plants, which made our legs itchy and left burs all over our shoes and socks.

 After we had cleaned up from the day’s work, we played the soccer version of monkey in the middle with several Haitian friends. Needless to say, the Haitians were much better at soccer than the Americans, but we all still had a blast together. When the supper bell rang, we ran inside and ate supper of rice, beans, goat meat, and Haitian muffins. The food was delicious as always. We gathered together to discuss the plans for visiting the Citadel tomorrow, and we also shared our Roses, Thorns, and Buds for the day.

P.S. We got a new guard dog (Puppy) today and he won’t stop yapping, so we all hope he tires himself out before bed. We also took out Tate’s corn rows and he now has very majestic curly hair.

By: Trenton Keuning & Levi Ver Meer