On the second day of their trip, the PC Winterim team begin their exploration of the Haitian culture, getting a taste of the average day for many in the country, while making friends along the way.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Today we fully immersed ourselves in the Haitian lifestyle. From making concrete the old fashioned way to walking miles on dirt roads, we saw their lifestyle in a whole new light. We began our day with a delicious breakfast prepared for us by our amazing cooks. After breakfast, we headed out on the dirt roads and arrived at our work site for the next four hours.

The work site for the morning

Rolling water to the work site

With the help of a crew of Haitian workers, (more like we helped them!), we bettered a house by giving it the wonderful gift of concrete. The work was laborious, yet immensely rewarding. In the end, we formed an inseparable bond with the tenacious Haitian workers.

Making the concrete mix

Bucket brigade into the house

Bonds were formed between the cement crew, family, and the PC Winterim team

We devoured a scrumptious noontime meal and hit the streets again. We tromped to the market where we meandered around purchasing necessary supplies. This consumed most of the afternoon, however, it was an unforgettable chance to better understand the Haitian way of life.

We trekked home laden with our newfound belongings. Throughout the journey we got acquainted with our Haitian colleagues. We found this to be an interesting cross-cultural experience. Ethan, Tate, Levi and Trenton specifically enjoyed conversing with Fransly and Woodson.

A relaxing evening and tasty supper were welcomed after a day of physical exertion. Our group is growing closer still and getting to know each other even better. Especially the new right to call Mr. Anderson by his first name: Keith. 

By Ethan Natelborg and Tate Osborn