Michelle and Nicole Kelderman share their highlights from the first day in Haiti for the Pella Christian Winterim group.

We finally made it to Haiti with quite a bumpy plane ride. When we arrived we met our hosts, Christi and Craig, and also met some Haitian people on the runway.

View of the airfield from the balcony. Craig below talking to locals

We then unloaded the plane and headed to our home for the next week…which is very nice!!  We then had lunch and met our wonderful cooks, Beatrice and Evenie. After lunch we went to see the progress on the MH4H Sylvain campus building projects. A lot of great work being done there!!! We then headed up the mountain to sit on the Pignon sign. A nice little trek.

Let’s go! The view from the mountain Sitting on the Pignon sign on the mountain

When we got down from the mountain we noticed all of the sudden there were swarms of Haitian kids clinging to us.

New friends on our first day!

We walked the streets of Pignon and had a ball giving kids piggyback rides, playing hand clapping games and soccer and just loving them to pieces.

Kids in Pignon

High fives are pretty universal!

High fives are pretty universal!

We then went back home for another great meal. Our journey will start again tomorrow and can’t wait for what God has in store for us. Blessings from Haiti!!