The Pella Christian High School team are bounding from one activity to the next with all the energy expected of the youth. They enter each new experience excited to help out and willing to learn about the Haitian culture. The team painted a house alongside the new home owners before visiting one of Haiti’s greatest hidden treasures. An unique opportunity at a neighbor’s home polished off a fulfilling day. Read about the team’s day below!

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Friday Day 2 in Haiti

Today we had the opportunity, through Keith and his family’s sponsor child, to paint a house alongside the family we were working for. We started around 8am after watching Keith break out sweating opening paint cans. The house was a short distance from the compound, essentially directly across from where we are staying. The house was painted blue and brown on the outside and baby blue color for the interior. It was super cool to work alongside some of the local kids and neighbors, even though they didn’t really speak any English. They came and grabbed some brushes and we were done in no time, before lunch.

After lunch we took off to the waterfall outside Hinch. There, we met up with our Haitian guides that would give us a tour of the Basin Zim waterfall and caves. First we went up through the trees to the small cave. Then we went up higher to the larger cave which was an old way of escaping to the Dominican Republic through the cave paths. We got to do a lot of climbing and searching for different parts of the cave. Once we finished in the caves we went up to the top falls where there were Haitians cliff jumping into the water below. Finally we went down to the bottom and and got to swim in the lowest basin and up to the waterfall and cliffs. It was awesome to see how the guides lead us through the whole way, some of which holding hands with us to ensure our safety. Then we started our way back home for the night.
We got a great meal as we arrived back at the compound and sang songs as a group. After singing, we were able to see how cassava bread was made here. They ground a product from their gardens and then pressed it to be made into pizza like slices. Everyone has been enjoying their stay in this amazing place and we are anxious for the days ahead. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Because we know you care,
Brayton Juffer & Caden Van Dyke


  1. Arlene

    Love following your activities! Thanks for blessing these dear people!!

  2. Larry E. De Vries

    That looks just like the work you did at Pella Christian Grade School, It was a good learning experience last summer so you knew how to operate a concrete jackhammer now.
    Blessings on the remainder of your mission!

  3. Dan Van Kooten

    Good work, team! Carry on with your work on and learning. See you at the end of the week!


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