The Pella Christian Winterim team enjoyed their last full day in Haiti with three unique families as they invested time, manpower, and relationships to create lasting memories for everyone involved. These youth have had an amazing trip with the potential to change their entire worldview. As you continue reading to learn about the team’s day, keep them in your prayers for a safe journey home.

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Wednesday Day 7 in Haiti

Hello from Haiti! We started our day off today by splitting into 3 groups to pour cement floors. The first group went to a house with a set of twins, 9 months old. They were very smiley, and the team there loved playing with them and all the neighbor kids who joined in. That was the smallest house so this group got done with the concrete before the other two groups. The second house had 4 rooms, 2 small ones and 2 big ones. The parents of the house had 3 boys living with them, along with the grandma. The family made a potato soup to share and the mom was showing some of the girls on the team how she made it. The third group went to a house of an old man. He was living with his daughter and her son. He was very smiley and thankful for what we were doing for their family.

After we poured the cement, we headed back to the compound for lunch. Once we were all satisfied, we went out to plant trees at the houses we had given a cement floor to. They were all super grateful and thankful for what we were doing for their families.
After returning to campus, we headed across the street to bless the house we painted last Friday. We learned more about the family living there. The father had been hit in the eye by a really large tree branch, causing him to lose his eyesight rapidly. He said this prevented him from working and providing for his family. This was a really hard time for them, since his wife had just passed away from ovarian cancer last April. His oldest daughter had a little baby and a 2 year old. The rest of his kids were very young and were very joyful and lovable. Cesslin, Odelince, and Neissa were also his children who were going to move into this house with him. Louisa was at the house, and she was just saying how grateful this family was that we had blessed them with this new and safe home. She proceeded to talk about how amazing MH4H has been for this community, and then we got to pray over the family. After that, we came back to the compound and we had supper. Then, after supper, we all got to share our stories. We all learned a lot about each other and heard about all the different experiences we had with the Haitians and God this past week. It was very touching, and then we went into a time of singing. We sang our last songs for the week, and ended by forming a circle and singing the doxology. After that, we all broke up and played lots of games. Most of us were extremely tired, while others stayed up until 1:15. 🙂 We are very sad that this trip has come to a close, but we are all extremely thankful that we had this opportunity to come and experience all that God had in store for us in this beautiful country of Haiti. We are blessed beyond measure, and thank you all for following along with us in the blogs this week!

Bondye beni ou!
Anna DeBoef and Karlie Anderson


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