Piper Swanson and Allie Helmink share the team’s 4th day in Haiti and remind us that, even through the pains and trials of life, God is good and will surpass every expectation to help us through.

Bonjou everybody!

Piper and Allie here from Spencer. Day 4 in Haiti has been filled with lots of adventures. Our morning began with a joyful, two hour long church service. During church we had the opportunity to stand up and sing to the congregation. We sang “Holy Spirit” in English and after this we sang “No Longer Slaves” in Creole (Our Haitian friends told us we did a great job!). Although, we had no idea what was being spoken about, it was amazing to see no matter the difference in languages, we all praised the same God together. There is really nothing like it.

Before the service, we were able to walk to church with a PET recipient. MH4H gives these to people who cant walk.


These attentive kids were sitting in the section just behind us

Hands on the pew

In church, a Many Hands for Hands friend we call JJ joined us. A few months ago his leg was amputated due to a disease. Yesterday, after visiting the market, we delivered him a bed. He was asked to join us for church and he was very excited for this opportunity. While JJ was in the hospital he had decided to give his life to Christ, but today in church he chose to publicly profess his faith. As brothers and sisters in Christ we really enjoyed being able to see another brother join the family.

After church we went to lunch at a local restaurant where we got a large helping of beans and rice. Even our Haitian friend Roodson shared a plate!

Eating at the resturaunt

Next on the agenda, was to deliver beans and rice to the poorest of the poor. Pella and Spencer split into two teams to share these intimate experiences.

One family that really touched our two lives was the first visit. This family consisted of a father and his six boys. The mother of this family passed away shortly after giving birth to their two youngest twins, who are now two. Because of the medical and funeral expenses, the father used all their money. This father now works strenuous hours to provide for his family, leaving two of the older boys to care for the young twins.

Visiting with the family

This family has such a burden and now these boys are unable to get a proper education to better their future. Although we could sense the brokenness, the love these boys had for each other was incredible. As females close to our moms, our hearts broke because we know the importance of a mother and these boys do not have this. We could see the lack of a mother in their lives as the twin boys just latched on to Karmen and Allie as they picked them up. The little one Allie picked fell asleep within seconds. This heartbreaking situation really made us want to latch on and appreciate the love we receive from our moms.

During each visit we would pray with the families A little boy falling asleep in Allie’s arms Each family also received a bible Karmen and a little Haitian boy

After tonight’s devotion and debriefing on meeting this family we both realized the importance of perseverance as a Christian. In devotions tonight, Allie shared a quote about Haiti, from the TOMS cooperation, that stated, “Haitians embody the word ‘perseverance’. No matter what happened in the past, people will continually have faith that tomorrow will be a better day… and they strive to achieve that.” We often feel as Christian’s that we do not deserve to go through the pain and trials life brings, but we must remember God is good and will surpass every expectation to help us through. We truly witnessed the importance of perseverance from JJ and these boys as they showed their trials were not going to stop them in their journey God has set before them.

Lastly, to end our afternoon we got to see God’s beauty after we climbed (literally) the mountain to the Pignon sign. It’s hard to see, when immersed in the downtown poverty, the beauty that is within this city. When we climbed up above the city, the view took our breath away. Haiti is truly a beautiful country.

The view from the Pignon sign Some excited Haitian kids followed us up the mountain! Left to Right: Maren Piper and Allie posing in front of the Pignon sign

Hanging out with Roodson Chase enjoying quality time with Regina, the campus dog

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1:2-4

Bondye Bon,

 Allie and Piper J 🙂