Written by Brianna Steffey of the Christ Covenant Church of Knoxville, TN

Today during our time in Haiti, we delivered food to families in Pignon. We had 10 pillowcases filled with beans and spices, 10 jugs of vegetable oil, and 50 packets of noodles to deliver to 10 families. Delivering food to the different houses, so far, has been my favorite and the biggest eye opener of the trip.

The team dividing the beans for distribution. The team dividing the bouillon to be packed in the distribution bags. Our taptap ride to deliver the food, truck #1. Our taptap ride to deliver the food, truck #2


One of our first deliveries was to an older lady named Eleen. She was a widow that had one child and four grandchildren. Christi, the MH4H leader, ¬†said Eleen had not been able to sleep because of hunger pains. When we arrived to her house, the first thing she did was give everyone a hug and kiss. She had a big smile and thanked us and the Lord for the gift of food. Eleen changed my heart especially when she said “I’m not afraid at night because I know God will protect me”. The love and bond this woman has for God is un-breakable. She has God shining through her and her smile constantly.

The team with Eleen and her beautiful smile.
Eleen with Gwo Gason (Big  Gentleman)!

Eleen with Gwo Gason (Big Gentleman), Andy!


The next family we visited was a man who was paralyzed from the waist down. He was paralyzed because one day, He opened a gate one day and was shot seven times. His home was in the middle of town. It was a small house with table cloths used as doors. Because of the paralysis, this man was not able to feel if he had to go to the bathroom for which he has to use a catheter. His wife also has to keep a schedule for him on when to use the bathroom. Being able to bring food for him, his wife and children has just been a blessing. The food will be able to last them for a few weeks. They rely fully on God for their food and trust him for all their needs.

We blessed this gramma with food. On the way during our visits, we ran across this man with a Tennessee hat! God is good!


Another family that was a little different than other houses we visited was a man who had 6 kids, 2 older boys and a set of 8 month old twin boys. His wife had died after giving birth to the twins and he stayed to raise his kids. This is very unusual as the custom in Haiti is one where once the woman becomes pregnant the man leaves. Therefore, this makes the circumstance very unique. ¬†Earlier this week half of our team poured a concrete floor for this family. Today by providing this family with food and reminding them this comes from their Heavenly Father who cares for their every need, we are praying this father will be encouraged in raising his boys (when it would be so easy to send them to the orphanage). Just think about the effect this will have on his sons’ future families and the cycles it could break for the fathers in Haiti.

We also visited and participated in the Backyard Bible Club today. Soaking the little washcloth bricks and watching them expand! The new washcloths, all ready to go!


Please continue to pray for the families we visited and that they will continue to praise The Lord and to rely fully on his care. Please also pray for safety for the teams as we go to the market to buy goats to deliver to ten family’s today.

Psalm 46:1-2
“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea”