Day 3 of the PET team brings sunshine and smiles, while they bless individuals with disabilities with mobility, and children with clothes. 
Sunshine greeted us again this morning. The same sun that greets all God’s children all over the world. SON shine went with us today beginning with the animal market where we bought some goats to give to families. Then we walked through the rest of the market which is a great lesson in the Haitian culture and how the people live day to day eeking out a meager living and sometimes having to resort to eating mud cookies to survive.  Riding on the back of the 4 wheeler with 8 goats was indeed a first time experience for me. I was blessed to stand at the head side of the goats rather than the rear.
After lunch today we took off in the SON shine for a bumpy ride to La Victoria to deliver PETs. The first man had a very used PET which was about to fall apart and received a shiny new one. He had been disabled since he was 4 and had truly worn out his first PET. He had the biggest smile and took off down the street.
In the same area we gave a PET to an older gentleman who had a stroke. He had a harder time taking off but we are sure he will catch on.  Then we went down the road and stopped to a home of a family where the grandma needed a PET. She had a fever for 2 years and as a result couldn’t walk.
 Women on PET
There were a lot of family around and we gave many of the little girls the dresses that Ruth and Leighton Ebenezer church had made and they were thrilled with them. Their smiles touched our hearts. We also handed out a lot of the diapers from Bundling Bottoms which put lots of smiles on mommies faces. It is so amazing to bless people and so many of you have had a wonderful part in this mission.
One of the best things that has happened over the last couple days is the teaching of some wonderful Haitian men how to put together and maintain PETs. What a great blessing it is to know that this mission will go on when we aren’t here. God has blessed us exceedingly more than we could have imagined.