The PET team has had a very rewarding day! Working side-by-side, they have connected with the people around them. By laying the foundations for new friendships and strengthening existing relationships, the team is breaking cultural barriers. Finally, keep reading to see how the day ended in celebration of life.

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Sadly, today is our last full day in Haiti. Fran spent his day working on the small picnic tables for the preschool.  He cut and sanded all the boards (18 pieces per table) for 10 tables and put one together. He also got to spend some time with the kids in the preschool.

Twyla did more diaper duty and spent some time with one of MH4H seamstresses, Messina. Twyla figured out a new pattern for larger diapers and gave those to Messina to sew. Twyla also spent some time with the kids in the 1000 days’ program. Those precious kids are the reason our diaper Queen, Twyla, works tirelessly.

Nic was busy doing record input on the children’s progress with height and weight in the 1000 day’s program.  She also took a long motorcycle ride to a special little boy, John Kerry, who she has been working with for a couple of years.

20 PETs were loaded at 6:30am for our trip to Hinche.  After the dusty ride which was a little better than past years, we arrived at the association for the disabled, called COPEMAR, and were greeted by a small crowd of people hoping to be fitted for a new PET cart.  There were also a number of people whose carts needed repair and that’s where Pete and Harold went to work.  They looked like grease monkeys after repairing 18 carts.  Meanwhile our Haitian team of MH4H drivers, interpreters and PET technicians worked at assembling the carts, helping with testing abilities of each prospective recipients and doing the contracts each recipient needs to sign when receiving their cart.  It was a beehive of activity to say the least. But the best thing was during all of this activity Pastor Saiphirin led 8 people to Christ. Maybe this isn’t all about mobility, but eternity?  We get so busy with all the carts and who should get one, but God is definitely using this ministry to bring Him glory.

New PET cart recipient

Mother and daughter – children of God

A child of GOD with Pastor Sainphirin

PET cart maintenance for a man with a medical condition

Pete the PET guy adjusting the handles

Today was Harold’s birthday.  The cooks sang, “Jwayes Anniversair”, to him at 6:15 this morning! Then after our day in Hinche we hadn’t had lunch so we stopped at a restaurant for a snack before the long drive home. Just before we left, all our Haitian friends stepped up to Harold to shake his hand and sang “Happy Birthday” to him in Creole! When we got back to campus this evening the cooks had a decorated cake for him!  We all enjoyed that cake!

A Happy Birthday wish to Harold by the WHOLE PET Crew

Tomorrow morning, we will wrap up our time here.  It has been such a blessing for us to be here!  We are filled to overflowing as we reflect on what God has done here and will do. It is really hard to wrap this up and adequately relay to you, all our prayer warriors, what this week has meant to us. So many times our hearts were broken listening to those who suffer so much.  Life is really hard here in so many ways.  Thank you so much for your prayers and please continue to pray for God’s children here and how the staff here work tirelessly, and how much they love and care for our Haitian brothers and sisters.  To God be the Glory, great things He has done.

Carol Verhey