A full day for the PET Team as they begin not only handing out Personal Energy Transport (P.E.T.) devices, but visiting families and helping where they can. By Barb Kopaska.

The day started with a full crescent rainbow – what a reminder of God’s promise!  Our group worked together amazingly well going in many different directions. We assembled and gave out our first P.E.T. today to a 21 year old young man who had been disabled since age 4.  He came to us on crutches and left with a P.E.T.

First P.E.T. assembly of the week Pete helping Jocelyn master his P.E.T.

Jocelyn Daniel with the people from his neighborhood

Jocelyn Daniel with the people from his neighborhood

The ladies helped Heidi with the Thrive for 5 program. Our nurse Barb helped Heidi with medical checkups for the kids and moms. In the afternoon Heidi and Barb took the motorcycle around Sylvain doing home visits. It was overwhelming to see the one room homes with dirt floors as living conditions for such large families.  Their love and respect for Heidi is very evident, and she is so compassionate to them.

Heidi visiting kids in Sylvain Visiting families in Sylvain

Nichole gave one of the strollers she received via private donations to a 3 year old special needs child, Elinise.

Elinise and Nichole Nichole presenting the stroller to Elinise and her mother

The guys also organized the contents of the container and the tool shed, built countless shelves in the shed and the dorm while the gals were sanding and varnishing doors and woodwork.

After another delicious meal, we shared our personal highlights of our day. One highlight for the men was God providing just the right local Haitian men who learned how to assemble the P.E.T.’s. They will continue to assemble and distribute them after we leave.  One highlight for the women was loving on the kids at Thrive.

Tomorrow we plan to go to the market to purchase goats and chickens for families, and more P.E.T.’s will be delivered in the afternoon.