This is written by Kara Jansen, a member Pella Christian Winterim trip to Pignon, Haiti. 10 students, 5 teachers, 1 principal and Lucia Van Maanen are on this trip. This is Kara’s first time to Haiti and serving with MH4H.

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Wow, what a day! Today was a very exciting, but also a  nice and relaxing day. We have had some sick ones, but today everyone was feeling better, so all were able to take part in the events. Praise the Lord!
Taken in front of the school in June.

We loaded up and took the crazy, bumpy road out to the Pella Christian School in Bau Savenette. We have decided that most of these roads are worse than the bumpiness and jerkyness of the “Outlaw” roller coaster at Adventureland! It’s a challenge for some of us to stay on the back of the truck but it’s always fun. When we got to PC we could hear the kids in the classrooms singing songs and responding as a class to what the teacher was talking about. They are so enthusiastic and responsive. I particularly could recognize them saying the months of the year. Going to this school was the highlight of many of us for today. We finally got to see the Pella Christian School in real life! The school we had seen pictures of, heard about, and been praying for for many months was finally right in front of us. It was neat to be able to go into the classrooms and take part in activities with the students. There are 4 classes at the school this year- 1a, 1b, 2, and 3. Our group went into each individual classroom where a lady told the story of Jonah and the whale to the kids in Creole. Then we made a few crafts with them, sang songs, and prayed for them.

Playing the parachute game.

After, we went outside and played with the giant parachute and some soccer. The kids all loved this.

On our way back to the dorms we stopped by the local spring. We saw people bathing and washing clothes. This water was pure! It was the cleanest water we have seen yet and it was very refreshing. We also visited an elderly couple’s home. They are very poor and have very poor living conditions. Only the wife was there so we talked with her for a bit. This was a huge eye-opener for many of us and it broke our hearts to see. Her house was mostly made out of sticks and stones and some rope. It was tiny and when we looked inside it, it was hard to even tell what it was. I had never seen anything like it. It was hard to realize that a situation like this actually exists. Her bed was some wooden boards piled up with a few old, ragged clothes to lay on. We saw no clothes, no food, no anything. We brought her gifts of a blanket, skirt, soap, as well as some food. It really made us realize and feel a little guilty that we have so many clothes and nice warm, comfy beds. We prayed for her and hopefully blessed her and her life. We then returned to our dorms for lunch and a much needed restful, peaceful afternoon.
Movie night at Pella Christian School in Ba Savanette.

Early evening, we went back out to Pella Christian where we set up a movie outside for the kids. We projected it on the side of the school where everyone gathered. We had to wait for it to get dark so in the mean time we played music and sang songs and danced with the kids. This was fun! We gave out some glow bracelets as well which excited many of the kids! We watched the movie “Tarzan” with many eyes glued to the screen. It was interesting to see how many children as well as adults were there. It was fun to watch their expressions and their eyes wide open trying not to blink. They stared at it so hard as if they have never seen a computer or movie, which most of them probably haven’t. This was another “wow” factor today. Many of us have seen tons of movies, but yet these people, even adults may have never seen one in their life! After this we went back for supper, a time of sharing, and a relaxed evening just hanging out and playing games. God once again kept us safe in our travels, showed us many things in Haiti, and blessed our day.

All is well here and we hope you are all having a great week. Thank you for all your support and prayers while we are away for a short time serving God and the people of Haiti. To God be the glory!