Happy New Year! We pray that you had a great holiday back in the States. We had a very blessed day here in Haiti. The morning started with the traditional New Year’s soup, similar to vegetable soup in the States. Then we went to Pignon to serve soup to patients at the hospital. Many of the team members were very touched and emotional serving soup to people who may not have had a hot meal today.

One of the patients was a mother who had a baby last night. Ringing in the New Year with a new baby and serving sick and burned patients was such a blessing. We had soup left over after serving all of the patients at the hospital, so we walked to where the market usually is to serve the people that live there. Just a few short days after we were at the market during the hustle and bustle, we witnessed what is equivalent to a ghost town. The team was able to feed and pray for a few people that live at the market (aka homeless), and once again, God showed up. How beautiful it is to reach a hand out to those that need to feel God’s love!

Once the soup was all passed out, we came back to our home away from home this past week. We are blessed to have a nice home to return to where we know food, water, safety and shelter await us.

After lunch, we delivered two goats to families involved with Many Hands for Haiti programs. Giving a goat that will aid each family and praying with them was absolutely wonderful! The pure happiness and gratitude from the families was very powerful and a blessed moment.

Once the heat of the day cooled off (Yes, I waited until the last post to comment on how wonderfully hot it has been here), we went for a walk to the local watering source. (Just to let you all know how wonderful the weather is, some of us are a nice shade of brown, while some of us are a beautiful shade of RED.) After a short walk to the water source, we decided to walk to Pella Christian School. We were all reminded of how different things are here in Haiti compared to the States. When we asked how long the walk would be, we were told “not far.” I’m still not sure how to bring the two meanings of those words closer together. However, the walk did encourage our resolutions to be healthier in 2014.

The evening meal was spent talking about how we would spend our last day in Haiti tomorrow. Many of us are sad and having trouble saying goodbye to this place and these people we all now have a special place for in our hearts.

As we begin the long travel home, we thank you for the continued prayers of support and safe travels. We humbly ask for prayers of peace as we say our goodbyes