by Cassidy Mejia, development coordinator for MH4H 

This past Sunday (May 11, 2014) the second group of ladies celebrated their graduation from Sewing Hope, a program of Many Hands for Haiti in Pignon. There were 10 ladies who graduated. Heather, Ebens, and I were honored to be godmothers and godfather at the ceremony. Being the godparents signified that they considered us special to their group. We had the pleasure of interviewing some of these women regarding the graduation ceremony, as well as their experience with Sewing Hope.

Gulenie Pierre told us that she will glorify the Lord with this new skill by helping others who don’t know how to sew. She was also glad that they had the opportunity to walk around the streets of Pignon in their graduation attire so that people could see that they were graduating, know about the program and know that we now know how to sew!  We then asked her how she felt about the Bible training course and she said, “The most important thing I learned during the Bible training portion of this school was how to live in harmony with others as well as how loving one another is necessary and important to God.”

 Joselie shows how good she’s gotten at sewing… She can sew with no hands! 

Joselie Princilma’s family is very proud of her that she now has a “Masters” in sewing and that she is very good at what she does. Her favorite part of the graduation was getting the band and ceremony ready. “Because God used this program to help me, I want to use my gift of sewing to help others in return.”

Aglayide Augustin  told us that she liked the band because it was good publicity for the sewing school and now many people know about it. “My family is very proud of me and happy that I have finished.” Aglayide enjoyed finishing the clothes and embroidery and putting them on display for all to see on Sunday’s celebration.

 In talking to Wilemene St. Fleur, we found out that her favorite part of the Bible training was learning how to live and how to treat herself and others. Her favorite part of the ceremony was “everything: the music, the people, the food, the ceremony, and the diplomas.” Wilemene proudly stated, “My family will appreciate that we no longer have to pay someone to cook for us, because I can cook for my family now!”

Silvanie Jean was excited to graduate because now she knows all that she needs to know to start sewing and cooking. “I will use this new skill to sew for people who don’t have money and who need help.”  The most important thing Silvanie learned through the Bible training was that God calls her to care for others who are outside of her own family.

 Youseline Dezoguste is the youngest member of this class. Her favorite part of the ceremony was walking around to show others that there is something new in this area (the Sewing Hope center) and that they have all graduated with a new set of skills. Her family most enjoys that she is a good cook now. They were surprised by all the things she has learned at Sewing Hope. Youseline is not married and doesn’t have children, but she does plan to use these skills in the future. “I can make money and both my husband and I can work. The bread-winning will be an equal partnership. Also, I can use these skills to benefit my family in the future.”

 Oremise Joseph was excited to get ready and prepare for the graduation – especially knowing that she has these skills now to use in the future. She will use this new skills to sew diapers and give them to people who need them. “I want to serve people for free who are in need of help.” The most important thing Oremise learned during the Bible training was how to share with other people.

Ermaze Baubrun really enjoyed the ceremony and said that her favorite part of the ceremony this year was walking through the streets. Because of that, people saw her and now ask her about the sewing center and know that she has a new skill because of it. “I will use this new skill to glorify the Lord as I continue to be a midwife in the area. I can make diapers for people who have new babies and don’t have money for diapers.”  Ermaze’s family really enjoyed the whole celebration and the band as well!

Evenie Osetin really enjoys teaching all of these fine young ladies! Her favorite part of the ceremony was walking around and being publicly acknowledged for their accomplishments. “I enjoyed the variety of this year in comparison to last year. We now have more people from different areas. I also think the band helped with publicity because now more people know about the sewing center and its graduates.” Evenie’s favorite part of the Bible training was learning that it is important to please God in all she does and to love everybody.

Ebens Renard is MH4H’s adult program coordinator and oversees the Sewing Hope program.  He also teaches the Bible lessons at the center and shared, “It is a blessing for me to share this skill that God has given me to evangelize and share God’s love with the ladies.” He said that the ladies have been learning that it is important to love one another.

“I enjoy walking with these women so that they can have a better life. For some of them, this is their first chance to be in a school that teaches them a skill, and they can also learn about God. The women were eager and thirsty to hear more about God’s Word and didn’t oppose it,” stated Ebens. “We are truly brother and sisters in Christ and have grown together spiritually. We have learned how to pray for each other and that you can still pray when you don’t know exact details about somebody’s situation.”

Ebens looks forward to seeing how these ladies will bless others and honor the Lord with these new skills! Please continue to pray for Sewing Hope as these graduates move on, as well as for the new group coming in. Please also pray that people can see the Lord’s love through the work and actions of the graduates.