This is written by Kaitlyn Van Weelden, Megan DeJoode, Susan Bolen, and Phyllis Hackert of the Liberty E-Free Team in Pignon, Haiti.

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Bonjou from Haiti!
We are all having a great time and staying VERY busy! We have loved getting to see God’s presence in Haiti! We are constantly reminded how great He is and how blessed we really are!
Looking down on the community of Pignon, from on top of the mountain.

Looking down on the community of Pignon, from on top of the mountain.

Yesterday we started our day off nice and early at 4:45AM to climb Mt. Pignon and were amazed by God’s beautiful creation. We enjoyed a great breakfast before heading off to see the market in town. It was crazy busy and we were very surprised by all of the food and wares they had to offer. We also got to see a bakery and sale area for animals.

The new community development house and storage/garage next to it.

We took a trip to see where the new MH4H site is going up and we impressed by the progress they have made. We also got to see the Pella Christian school.  In the afternoon we served the hospital by painting. We spent the evening in fellowship and devotional time together.

The bread making bakery near the market in Pignon.

Today we  went to Zeke’s church. We loved getting to praise our God together as brothers and sisters in Christ and loved seeing how they worshiped and getting to hear their songs of praise. This afternoon we went to minister and encourage at a deaf orphanage/school and got to play with the kids and pass out Good News bracelets. Our group raised over $200 to buy food for the children and got to deliver it to them. Tonight we are going to visit the hospital and sing and spend time praying with the patients.

We are very excited to see how God uses us the next couple days!

Lots of love,

Kaitlyn, Megan, Susan and Phyllis