In August 2013, a Sewing Hope Center started in Pignon. The response to this program has been incredible. Currently, ten women are enrolled in the program, while 140 women from the surrounding community are on the waiting list to enroll. The program takes three months to complete, so the women currently in the program will graduate in October. Ten new women will be selected every three months to start the class. Here are two of the women from the program and what they had to say about it:

What do you like about this program?

Now I know how to sew. –Evenie Austin

I like sewing. –Chimenne Jean

How do you think this program will help your family in the future?

I can sew to make money for my family. I can have money to pay for school for my seven children. –Evenie Austin

I will be able to help other people and also help my family once I learn how to sew. – Chimenne Jean

How do you think this program is benefitting women in the community?

This program helps women find jobs so they do not have to sit at home doing nothing. It gives women a chance to have a better life for their family. The women can also help people in the community who needs things sewn. – Evenie Austin

If you could say something to the people who started and support this program, what would you say?

I want to thank Many Hands for Haiti for starting such a beautiful project. It started with ten women, and now there are 140 more would love to get through the program. – Evenie Austin

I will always say thank you and pray for the people who started this so they can continue to grow this program and bless others. – Chimenne Jean

Above: Women listen and learn to sew, two of the sewing machines at the center, & one of the women displaying her project

Below: The building built by MH4H that the Sewing Hope class meets in