Many Hands for Abaco is thrilled to announce a partnership between Many Hands and SOL Relief, two organizations dedicated to making a lasting impact in the communities on Abaco Island. This partnership aims to rebuild and empower the resilient community of Abaco through the renovation of the Murphy Town Community Center. The Center was heavily damaged during Hurricane Dorian in 2019.

SOL Relief, founded in 2017, emerged as a grassroots mission in response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Their initial efforts involved air transporting essential items requested by ground partners in the Caribbean, including the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Recognizing the growing needs within the region, SOL Relief became a nonprofit organization in 2018, expanding its networks and services to provide disaster relief and support long-term recovery initiatives.

The Community Center in Murphy Town after Hurricane Dorian

SOL Relief’s mission aligns perfectly with Many Hands’ passion for building up communities, empowering individuals, and offering opportunities for growth and connection. SOL Relief delivers aid and alleviates suffering following disasters through its specialized aviation network. They also provide grant funding, educational programs, and community enrichment activities to support long-term recovery efforts.

The partnership between Many Hands and SOL Relief was established in March 2023, primarily focusing on the renovation of the Murphy Town Community Center. SOL Relief was a contributing financial funder, on-site partner, and project management entity. At the same time, Many Hands provided supporting funds, volunteer labor, expert contractors, and project management oversight. This successful collaboration is built on trust and cooperation. Both organizations have worked hard to rebuild and renovate the Community Center. They are excited to see it open in September 2023.

Some initial work being done on the Community Center

The renovation of the Murphy Town Community Center will breathe new life into the community, providing a vital source of connection, learning opportunities, and a sense of purpose. Through after-school and summer programs, adult learning initiatives, sports activities, and community workshops, the Center will serve as a hub for personal and community growth. 

“The damage to the Murphy Town Community Center goes beyond the physical building. Every day, the people of Murphy Town saw that building broken and abandoned, a reflection of the state of the community. Through the efforts of many, this building is now restored and renewed into something greater than it was previously. And so are the people, every day overcoming life’s challenges to carve a new and better community. This center brings a place of life and hope, a breath of fresh air for new beginnings. And we did this together.” said Tim Brand, CEO of Many Hands

An Impact Team helping with a project in the Community Center

Both SOL Relief and Many Hands are excited about this partnership’s possibilities. 

“We are excited to see what strong collaboration and communication can offer to a community in need. We are also excited to have had the opportunity to work with Many Hands and experience their strong commitment to the communities they support,” shared Harris Ambush, Executive Director of SOL Relief. By uniting the organizations’ resources, expertise, and shared commitment to community empowerment, they aim to create a stronger network and foster a sense of unity and purpose among the residents of Abaco. 

Many Hands staff checks out the progress inside the building

Together, Many Hands and SOL Relief are grateful for the opportunity to work side by side, driven by their shared vision of providing immediate, efficient, and effective disaster relief, as well as supporting communities in their short and long-term recovery. We invite you to join us on this journey as we continue to positively impact the lives of those in need.

About Many Hands:

Many Hands is an Iowa-based nonprofit creating local and global life transformation. Established in 2008, the organization aims to ignite generosity, grow community, and take people on Impact journeys to carve a new, better path to life. Each year, the organization reaches at least 25,000 people through its operations in the Caribbean, IMPACT Trips serving in Abaco, Bahamas, and Many Hands Thrift Markets located in Iowa.

Many Hands is called to transform together, to be love in action, in a broken world.


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