Hello from Haiti,

We had a feeling of anticipation to experience a wonderful Sunday worship service in Haiti. Everyone was up early, had breakfast, dressed for church and READY TO GO! We received a call from Kristie Mompremier from UCI who was picking us up to go to church. She was not able to get to through to come pick us up. There was a barricade blocking the road between UCI and Pignon because some people in the area were protesting because the Hydroelectric power had not yet gotten to their community. SO there we stood, wondering what to do next. The night before we had been invited to a local church by Pastor Delange. So we called our friend Mesadier to find out where this church was located. We arrived on foot, the service had already begun but Pastor Delange greeted us with enthusiasm. The message for the morning was titled, “The one who watches over me is not sleeping”. Our team sang two songs complete with our own guitar player. Then one of our team members sang a hymn with guitar accompaniment. Many of the Haitians in the congregation knew the tune and were singing along. The morning that started out to be “messy” because of the change in plan turned into a “MESSI” day! Thank you, Lord for the amazing time of worship.

Our team had not made a detailed plan for distributing rice and beans. After the morning experience and getting to know Pastor Delange better, we made the decision to share food with his congregation. The afternoon was spent preparing the bags to be taken to the church later in the afternoon. We filled some time by doing a little more work on our projects and distributing food to some individual families. The time spent with Pastor Delange and the congregation was incredible. We sang songs together in English and Creole songs like Jesus Loves Me and The Doxology. We heard the grateful expression from Pastor Delange, “A thousand thanks!” over and over.

Our evening rooftop devotion time revealed overwhelmingly that today was a day to remember. Making the connection with this local church feels right.Everyone was in agreement that this day would be hard to top.

Everyone is healthy, tired, and feeling blessed by God for the privilege to be His hands and feet.

We appreciate all the prayers, we know God is all around. Wednesday, Jan 30th is the day we are holding our leadership conference at Pastor Francios’ church. We ask for special prayers for that day. The conference will be held from 8:30 – 4:00 Haiti time, which is the same as Florida. Please pray that the Haitians hearts are prepared to be challenged to be bold with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Good night, Christi and the team