Spiritual Development

Transforming people’s spiritual lives through intentional ministry and discipleship.

Spiritual Shepherds

Our spiritual shepherds are essential to our ministry, bringing spiritual wisdom and discernment to all of our programs. They go before us, go with us, and follow behind us to cover our ministry and the people we encounter with steadfast prayer and love. Specifically, they help our staff identify specific needs in the communities, as they visit families house-to-house. During these visits, they offer prayers, conflict resolution, Christian counseling, and evangelism.

Pastor Lumanès Auguste

Lumanès is the Lead Chaplain at Many Hands for Haiti. With a fatherly disposition, he gives spiritual guidance to both staff and participants within all of the Many Hands programs. Lumanès shows compassion and understanding when ministering. Walking in an abundance of Godly wisdom, his counsel always points back to the truth of the Bible. Pastor Lumanès is passionate about evangelism, discipleship, and caring for widows.

Outside of MH4H, Lumanès pastors the Agape church in Lajeune. Pastor Lumanès and his wife have three children and two grandchildren.

Pastor Jean Ronel Joseph

Jean Ronel is the Assistant Chaplain and a gifted teacher. As a spiritual shepherd, his attentive and joyful attitude builds connections with everyone he ministers to. Jean Ronel also assists within the Leadership Development program. There, his sharp mind and genuine personality are strong assets as he disciples and trains leaders from all around Pignon. Jean Ronel has proven himself a leader of his family, at work, and in his community.

Jean Ronel has a beautiful wife and a growing family. Outside of Many Hands he directs a Bible club every Saturday where he enjoys teaching young people how to live for and love the Lord. Fun fact: Jean Ronel has eaten up to twenty-five mangoes in one day!

PET Chaplain

PET (Personal Energy Transportation) carts bring mobility to the lame, who many are considered to be the least of the least in society. Our PET chaplain travels with the PET technicians for cart distributions and tune-ups several times a week. This gives the PET chaplain the opportunity to pray with recipients, who normally feel rejected by society and the church, and show them love.

Pastor Sainphirin Forisma

Sainphirin has been a pastor since 1990. Pastor Sainphirin works alongside the PET (Personal Energy Transportation) cart mechanics to do basic repairs, maintenance and provides encouragement to the cart recipients in their spiritual development. Despite being soft-spoken, Pastor Sainphirin has been gifted with a bold passion for evangelism. Through his fearlessness, the Holy Spirit is opening hearts and minds for the Gospel to be heard and accepted.

Aside from his work with Many Hands, Pastor Sainphirin directs a primary school in Lajeune. He is married with three wonderful children.

Ti Legliz // “Little Church”

Ti Legliz is not a typical church. A small group of people gather every Wednesday and reach those who are left behind from the “normal” perspective of the church. Many Haitians feel they cannot attend church because they don’t have the right clothes, appearance, and status.

Ti Legliz strives to break down these cultural barriers and reframe how people think about church. The “come as you are” mentality tangibly shows people the love of Jesus by accepting them where they are, while moving them towards a relationship with Jesus.

marriages | weddings

Through our programs and outreach events, we see many Haitians come to know Christ, with a desired to be baptized. However, many of these new believers are living together as families without being married, which, in the Haitian culture, prevents them from being baptized. One of the major reasons people don’t get married is because of the cost. We aim to strengthen families by uniting couples in marriage.
To date, 20 couples have been united in marriage. As part of the program, couples walk with our spiritual shepherds in premarital counseling. We also work with the local pastor and church to be part of the wedding day ceremony at our campus. On the day of the event, Many Hands provides dresses, rings, food, and decorations to provide a special day for couples as they make their commitment to each other and God.
After the ceremony, many couples are baptized and several others present their children in church for the first time. Our desire is for these families to remain connected to the local church in their community. We plan to continue to facilitate these wedding ceremonies in December of each year.