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In Haiti, chronic malnutrition affects 24% of children under five, with that rate increasing in rural areas. Malnutrition leads to a multitude of problems including stunted physical and mental growth, abandoned or “orphaned” children, and in extreme cases, death.

The First Thousand Days program exists in response to this devastation. The Program provides:

  • Five meals per week for kids ages 0-5
  • Immunizations and health care
  • Clean water
  • Spiritual development
  • Basic health education for mothers


The Program Entails:

Most of the parents of these children cannot afford to send their kids to school, as they live on less than $1 per day. Child sponsorships help the parents fulfill the dream of providing a better future for their children and help the children empower their minds and change the path of poverty.

The 180 for Haiti program exists for kids in grades k-4th and provides:

  • Scholarships to attend school
  • Books and school supplies
  • School uniform
  • Check-ups from Health Agent
  • Christmas gift with food distribution


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