It was our pleasure today to meet with the great community by the spring in Pignon. For over a year now, we’ve been walking and getting to know them. We’ve been so impressed with their efforts, as with no outside help, they have formed a committee neighborhood group with the efforts to improve their community. As we’ve gotten to know them, we tried really hard to not impede their initiative and progress, but rather supplement little things here and there as they have identified community needs. Six months ago, Evnee, one of the women leaders, talked to me about her dream to start a sewing program for all the beautiful women in the community. She didn’t think it was good that they currently sit around, as they do not have jobs or opportunity to better themselves. At that time, we discussed a program and how we could make it a reality, but that they would have to buy into the program and participate just as much as we would.

The community meeting about the sewing program, on the ground where the structure will be built.

After giving it to God and letting Him make the needed provisions, we were pleased to announce today to the community that we would be moving forward with the program. On Tuesday (May 14th), we will start on the simple structure building. Two treadle machines were purchased earlier this week and will be delivered at the end of the week. A teacher has been selected and was present at the meeting tonight (the Mayor’s wife). It is our dream for God to use this program for His glory, that many people would come to know Christ through the program, and the gifts and talents He has given to so many here in Haiti can be used to better their lives. If you would like to help with continued funding for the program, please donate now (select “Where Most Needed” and in the memo line write – Sewing Hope). We have funding for 6 months and pray God continues to provide the needed provisions for the future.

The community development group, taken after the meeting.

At the end of the meeting, the people were so happy that they burst out in song. Enjoy the video below. Badly translated, it means “We are so happy you came.”