Today we made a trip to the Citadel. It was quite a long and bumpy trip there, but it was definitely worth it!  The scenery on the way was amazing with all of the mountains and trees.  When we first arrived, we walked through King Henry’s palace.  A lot of walls had begun to crumble, but it was still fascinating to see.  It’s amazing how something built a couple hundred years ago could still be standing the way it is.  I found myself imagining the palace as it was when it was first built and King Henry walking through.  We then had a long, steep walk up to the Citadel.  The trek was tiring, but still fun with good company.  The fortress was gigantic and overwhelming.  Our tour guide walked us through explaining each room for us.  I thought it was all very interesting,  but what really took my breath away was the view.  You could see for miles and miles on top of that mountain.  We were surrounded by endless green mountains.  It looked like a dream and I don’t think all of the pictures we took could ever do it justice.  I found myself overwhelmed by God’s glory.  It’s amazing to believe that He delights in us so much that He created sights like that for us to enjoy and praise Him through.  His glory is so beautiful.

The walls of King Henry’s palace. Standing in the door way of King Henry’s palace. Michael in the palace. The Citadel view, from King Henry’s palace. Hank on top of the world. This is the view from the Citadel.

Today was a relaxing day for everyone.  It was nice to just hang out with our team and our Haitian friends together.  The day was full of jokes, laughter, dancing, and silly pictures.  Our walk down to the truck from the Citadel was full of singing and dancing.  According to our Haitian friend, us “blancs” aren’t very good dancers, but it causes a lot of laughter!  The tap-tap ride back to Pignon was a little more rough than the ride there (We blew a tire!) but we were able to stay positive by singing worship songs.  I’m in awe of how God has made so many new friendships among us in such a short time.  Because God is what we have in common, friendship comes easy.  Sometimes, the language barrier between us makes conversation a struggle, but smiles and laughs easily bridge the gap.  I’m so thankful for the friends I have made here and I cannot wait to see them all again!

The Christmas team on top of the Citadel. Taylor, Ann, and Woodson The all-too-often seen sight in Haiti – the flat tire. Ann and Ebens Alecia and Ebens
The Citadel Group!

The Citadel Group!


Bondye Bon!