Our four interns update you on the work God has been calling them to do for the first 2 weeks of their month stay in Haiti.

Laura Nicholson:

Laura visiting homes

It is hard to imagine that another week has passed here. So many new things and thoughts have been brought to my attention. This week consisted of more follow-ups for the Do Something Concrete Project or what we like to call them “SWIVIS”. Jean-Ronel and I did not have the same experience as we did last time, rather we found that we were missing papers and therefore couldn’t complete a lot of the follow ups. This was a complete change from the day before when we had two people give their lives over to Christ. This made the both of us think about how God works in mysterious ways, a lot of the time not going the way we had anticipated.

A majority of the remaining week consisted of more time spent working with Jean-Ronel, running errands and doing some more follow ups. I also had the opportunity to tag along with Liz and visit Jocelyn, who many of you may already have heard about from her previous blog post on being called to help him after his leg amputation. During that day, we went to visit with Jocelyn’s doctor to see how he thought the healing process was going, where he revealed his positive remarks on the progress. Overall this second week was full of learning, trials, and triumphs, allowing for yet another great week here in the beautiful country of Haiti.

Maddie Hilsabeck:

Wow wow wow, there is no way of describing the sense of time here. Part of me can’t believe it has already been two weeks, but part of me feels like I’ve been here forever (that’s a good thing). The past week or so has been incredible, and I am inspired daily by the words and actions of all the MH4H staff. Being able to worship together in English and Creole has been beautiful; it brings me to tears hearing the sound of both languages singing praises to our amazing God.

I have mainly been working with the Thrive program, which allows me to squeeze on adorable children all morning. What could be better? I am constantly reminded that language is not a barrier between love and friendship. I have enjoyed and continue to look forward to the growing relationships with the children and families. I have been working on my Creole while working with the staff in the intern-run English class. What a joy to see their shining faces as we each grow in the knowledge of each other’s languages. My newest phrase is “Mwen pa vle ale la kay”, which means, “I don’t want to go home”. I can’t wait for another wonderful week in this beautiful country.

Nichole Coe:

Wow, how it is possible that I have been here for two weeks? Days begin with devotionals in a combination of Creole and English. Worshiping in both languages starts the day off on a positive note, watching the MH4H staff passionately share the gospel is precious and inspiring. Assisting at Thrive is always a highlight, however this past week has also offered the opportunity to complete home visits with potential new Thrive families. Completing home visits always allows you to get a snapshot into their family life and how they are living on a daily basis. I have also been blessed with getting an opportunity to work individually with two special needs toddlers.

During this time I am working the parents on showing them how to teach and guide their children in independent feeding. These children require special utensils and the families are surprised to watch me bend everyday utensils to the necessary angles to assist them in learning how to feed themselves. This process excites the families and walking along side them is a blessing that I take for granted back home. I am definitely learning to see the joy in every day tasks.

Regan Nelson:

Girls night!

Girls night!

Halfway done? I can’t believe it. TIME SLOW DOWN! It’s been another fun and busy week in Haiti and it just keeps getting better. We had girls night which consisted of pedicures from one of the Thrive mom’s, along with popcorn and a movie! We’ve had several neighborhood bowling nights in which we played Haitians vs ‘Blancs’. Although the Haitians won, we gave them a good run for their money. We all tackled the market together on Saturday too, with the help of our up and coming English learning neighbors!

Haitians Vs Blancs

Christi, Roodson, and I tackled the mountain climb last Sunday and it was as great as ever. Challenging, but still wonderful- plus the view of God’s creation makes it all worth it! I’ve been able to make a special connection with my sponsor child and her family. It’s been so fun watching her personality come out without even being a year and a half old! I was able to visit her and her family at their house this week too. Another one of my favorite things has been worshiping in Creole. It’s special to learn some of my favorite worship songs in Creole. One of the lines is, “To our God we lift up one voice…”. This really struck me as something special because English and Creole were being sung and it was 2 languages still being lifted up to the Lord as one voice. It’s truly something special.

Oh Lord, we praise you

Thank you for your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for the well being and health of the interns and staff.