Our God is the God of the impossible.

Imagine a view right outside your patio door, so beautiful that you cannot find the words to describe the magnificent scene. In the distance rolling hills and mountains so high, the clouds above cast a shadow on parts. Closer in, everything green: palm trees and gardens full of produce that will nourish many minds and bodies. Bringing your view in, it looks like a group of minions huddled together. Dressed in yellow shirts and tan dresses/shorts, some with yellow socks or barrettes to match. These little pre-schoolers are ready to start their day. This was the scene right from the Many Hands Guest house Monday morning.

MH Campus becomes more beautiful every day New preschool chairs with fresh coats of varnish and paint

Also Monday morning, both the moms and children from the MH4H Thrive for Five program were taught the importance and techniques of oral health care. Things we take for granted. After the lesson a recent graduate from dental school and one of Sunnybrook’s team members, who happened to be in the dental field (coincidence? Totally planned by God) were able to take a peek inside the mouths of these children to catch any issues before they get fatal. For most of these kiddos it was their first experience with a dentist and were a little scared when a man with a mask and gloves tried to come at them. This isn’t uncommon even in the states. After each successful check each child got a high-five and a bag with enough tooth brushes and tooth paste for their whole family! Our hope is that these families will take their new knowledge home and teach the rest of their family. A few other  activities included fingernail painting (which seemed to be everyone’s favorite), bubbles, side walk chalk and a feel activity. These activities were great at keeping both mom’s and their children occupied while yearly photos were taken and teeth were examined. An afternoon meal was served and they went along with their day.

Monday afternoon we were led by MH4H Chaplain, Pastor Lumanes, to the village of Fontenn, where we made more food deliveries. Every time our team goes out it’s truly a new and wonderful experience. I feel so blessed to be a part of this. While visiting one particular family we noticed a child who seemed to be different than the others. The mother of the child explained to us that her daughter was sick and has been for some time. One of our team members picked up on a few tendencies the child had and thought she may be autistic. There is not only a huge gap in education and technology here, but also in health care. Being able to diagnose something like this would be impossible. Even if there was a diagnosis to explain, the Haitian people would most likely relate her condition to voodoo. When this precious young lady, who stood so very quietly, came to sit at the end of her porch, one of our team members approached her with bracelet that said, “princess”, such a perfect fit.

A central location to share food with people from 5 different families – each who have accepted Christ in the past month

Personally, something that I admire about Many Hands is the example they are setting of what a true Christian looks like. In my own personal life and seeing it first hand from the MH4H team, we don’t give only to those who have accepted Jesus into their lives. We give when/where the spirit leads us and what is given is out of love, no strings attached. There is no doubt that Many Hands is planting an abundance of seeds. Last year they worked on a program providing concrete floors for 787 families. The majority of homes have a dirt floor, can you imagine?! Pouring concrete is challenging enough in the states, but here, they mix cement, sand, gravel and water on the ground, scoop it into five gallon buckets with a shovel, then pour and smooth it out all by hand. Some of the workers carry out this task with no shoes.

A concrete floor crew putting in a new floor Family bringing water for the concrete floor project These little girls will have a safer home to live in because of the concrete floor

Some of our group worked hard on a concrete floor job Monday morning. After the work was done we climbed back into the taptap. As we drove away from the house the thought came of the Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13. There is irony which doesn’t escape us. Maybe some seeds were planted with the family members that were receiving this gift of a concrete floor “……some seeds fell on rocky places…..and withered because they had no root.” During the course of the concrete floor project of 2016, 75 individuals came to know Christ and accepted Jesus into their lives! This took place through seeds planted with the loving act of providing a family with a concrete floor in their home. God certainly does amazing things with seeds planted through concrete.

Brad sharing pictures and sharing life with new friends Ti Jezi and Kaiman Hard work brings beautiful smiles as we work together

Praying for Evranel Louisdor as he commited his life today to be a follower of Jesus Christ

As we traveled the dusty dirt roads, Pastor Lumanes shared his enthusiasm about the work of MH4H. He said MH4H is making a big impact in the Central Plateau of Haiti, planting seeds as we go and then a trip to the Guimby school (way up in the mountain), a delivery of two beds, a stop to a local orphanage, and a first coat of paint on the MH4H preschool building completed our tasks.

Brad and his birds – Guinea hens on their way to a new home as a gift of love Mattress delivery Guimby school located way up in the mountain Visit to Guimby school

Today was the first time a tear fell from my eyes while in Haiti. Not because of the things I have seen and certainly not because of my lack of compassion. I cried because tomorrow is our last full day here. I’m not ready to leave, I’m just getting acclimated.

Brad getting a beard trim